Ghost Bikes Bicycles REI Riot

GHOST Bicycles come to REI

Ghost Bikes Bicycles REI RiotREI, the national outdoor gear and apparel retailer has partnered with a leading German manufacturer of high-performance bicycles to bring the GHOST brand to the United States. The full suspension mountain bike models Kato FS 7, Riot 7 LC, and other select models, are now available for purchase exclusively through
Flipcrown wall mount

Flipcrown – Slim your Bike for Storage

Flipcrown wall mountWe love bikes at Engearment. We tend to collect them. In fact, among our skeleton staff of two, we have over 10 bikes. We're also lucky enough to have garages to store them in. But, we recognize that not everyone is as lucky as we are. Belgian cyclists-slash-designers Patrick Jacquet and Rob De Schutter recognize that as well, so they designed a system to help reduce the storage space needed to keep your bike. They call it the Flipcrown.
Outdoor Retailer Comparison

Outdoor Retailer Comparison – Policies and Perks

Outdoor Retailer ComparisonIn our endeavors, we've experienced quite a few outdoor retailers. It puts us in a good position to compare them. Below, you'll find our outdoor retailer comparison. We're sticking to retailers we've had experience with -, Moosejaw, REI, Campsaver, EVO, Sierra Trading Post, Massey's Outfitters, Mountain Gear, and OMC. For each, we look at five things we think matter to the outdoor gear consumer - return policy, price match, free shipping, rewards, and sales tax. We'll also reveal the ownership structure, so you know if you're supporting the guy who founded the company or some investment firm.
Tannus Tire Aither 1.1 package

Tannus Tire Aither 1.1 – No More Flat Tires

Tannus Tire Aither 1.1 packageOne of the reasons we like tubeless mountain bike tires at Engearment is the inherent flat-proofing that comes with it. With some liquid sealant inside, the tire will self-seal most thorns or cactus needle punctures. Road tubeless is coming along as well, but has some engineering issues that come with the much higher pressures and forces of road biking that manufacturers are still working to overcome. In the meantime, the Tannus Tire Aither 1.1 fills in a gap.
Reach the Horizon Parkour

Reach the Horizon – Short Film

Reach the Horizon ParkourIf you've read anything about us here at Engearment, you may have noticed that we are somewhat obsessed with gear. That said, we do recognize that life sometimes doesn't require gear. Certain things are better without gear. In fact, some things are simply impossible when gear gets involved. Take parkour, for example. Free-walking is about as minimal as it gets. All you need are your hands and feet.
G3 Alpinist LT Skins Review

G3 Alpinist LT Skins Review Video

G3 Alpinist LT Skins ReviewG3 let us borrow a pair of next season's (2015/2016) G3 Alpinist LT Skins. We took them up on Jones Pass to test them on some familiar ground. G3 redesigned everything for the LT - shorter, lighter plush, lighter face fabric, and new, eco-friendly DWR to keep the skins dry and glop-free. We tested them head to head with the G3 Alpinist, and Black Diamond Ascension (for control group)
Engearment Arcade Belts 2

Arcade Belts – Keep Your Pants On

Engearment Arcade Belts 1When we first arranged to meet with Cody Townsend to talk about the Line of the Year, we expected to meet a cool dude with large cojones. We didn't realize that his cojones were so large that he and some friends had developed their own line of belts - the Arcade Belt Company - to make sure those cojones stayed covered.
SIA Snow Show 2017

SIA Snow Show 2015 – Skis

SIA Snow Show 2015 1Part two of our SIA Snow Show 2015 bonanza! Today we're talking about skis. Only skis. Nothing but skis. SIA Snow Show 2015 skis! We saw quite a few pairs of skis at the Snow Show and got to test some of them at the on snow demo at Copper Mountain. Again, this post will be photo-intensive. Please browse accordingly!
SIA Snow Show 2017

SIA Snow Show 2015 – Softgoods and Gadgets

SIA Snow Show 2015 1We're back from SIA Snow Show 2015! And boy did we see some cool stuff. The industry is innovating with new materials and designs, taking winter sports to the next level. We're going to cover softgoods and gadgets in this post. It will be photo-intensive. We'll have more posts later this week to talk about snowboards and splitboards.