Winter Apps

Winter Apps – Make your Smartphone a Better Backcountry Tool

Winter AppsA smartphone can make a great backcountry tool. We use them to check conditions and snow reports before we leave and to take pictures and stay safe once out. There are several great apps dedicated to helping you get the most out of your outdoor adventures. We’re in the middle of winter, so we’ll stick with some snow specific ones for now. These are our favorite winter apps.
Backcountry Booze

Backcountry Booze – a primer

Backcountry Booze Maybe you have set up camp, and have the fire going nicely, tents secured and sleeping bags lofted. Or, you're out in the sidecountry with some friends, taking a break between laps of a beautiful powderfield. You and your group settle in to enjoy a great moment of outdoors and good company. For many of us, this would be an excellent opportunity to share a drink with our fellow backcountry enthusiasts.
Splitboard Setup

Introduction to Splitboarding

Splitboard SplitWhat is split boarding? How do you do it? Splitboarding is a great way to take snowboarding into the backcountry. You used to have to snowshoe in with your snowboard on your back and then transition over at the top of your run. Now, we can use a splitboard to approach the mountain just like an Alpine Touring ski set up and then attach the two “skis” together to make a snowboard.