Massdrop is essentially a group buy community.  But, when you get enough people together, you can actually influence gear design.  Case in point, the Massdrop x Fitsok Merino Hiker collab.  Massdrop took a good merino hiking sock and made some tweaks.  The result is a really nice sock.

First, let’s talk about who we’re dealing with.  Fitsok is, generally speaking, a running sock company.  And they’re really good at it.  The ISOLwool Trail Cuff on which this is based was already a nice hiking sock.  But, it was built for more traditional hiking – heavier pack, more cushion, etc.  Massdrop isn’t a community of traditional hikers, though.  They tend more toward the lighter side of things.  And, with a lighter load comes the ability to wear a lighter sock.  Massdrop collaborated with Fitsok to lighten up the weave, add elasticity, and change the blend to make it dry faster.  Blend is 58% merino wool, 40% nylon, 2% Lycra.

Massdrop fitsok merino hiker review

We sent Sean out to try out the Massdrop x Fitsok collabs.  He said they were very stretchy and light weight, provide excellent fit and amazing anatomical support.  They feel like a second skin, he said, breathe very well, and stretch to fit your foot perfectly.  He recommended them as go-to socks for fitness, running, biking, hiking, or whatever you do that requires a light weight, breathable sock.  Then he forgot he was wearing them because they were so comfortable.

Massdrop fitsok merino hiker review

Ed. Note – Not Sean’s leg.

These socks are available exclusively from Massdrop for the next two weeks.  At $19.99 for a three-pack, they’re a ridiculous deal.  Add in that they’re really nice socks and the bargain is even better.