They’re not the first, but they’re generally one of the best.  Hydro Flask is broadening their line with the introduction of their new Tumblers and Rocks glasses.  Hydro Flask Tumbler Rocks Glasses

Highlights include a press-in lid with honeycomb insulation, Hydro Flask’s textured powdercoat for grip and durability, and more.  Tumblers come in two sizes, 22 oz and 32 oz for $30 and $40, respectively.  Rocks glasses will be available in a 10 oz version only for $30.

If you like the idea of having a stainless, reusable cup for everyday use but have always felt weird about drinking from a screw-top bottle, or, if you just have a fetish for Hydro Flask and want to round out your collection, your wishes have been granted.  Tumblers and Rocks glasses are available directly from Hydro Flask today, February 1.  Or, grab them from REI, below: