NEMO Equipment Dagger 2p tent review

Step Inside the NEMO Dagger 2P Tent

Once you get passed the small doors (literally - get passed them), the NEMO Equipement Dagger 2P is a great 2-person tent. It's sized realistically for two people to live together inside without having to be intimate. NEMO includes good vestibule space and storage options. We can recommend it.
Sierra Designs Convert 2 convert 3 review 2

Sierra Designs Convert Tent Review – 4-Season Strength, 3-Season Weight

Sierra Designs Convert 2 convert 3 review thumbA couple of years ago, Sierra Designs flipped their entire line of products on its head. They were in a bit of a rut - heavy packs with no innovative features, boring tents (ed.: Except the Tengu! We love you, Tengu!), uninspired sleeping bags and outerwear. Within the past two years, they've introduced industry-leading light weight tents and innovative sleeping bags like their Backcountry Bed. The Sierra Designs Convert 2 and Convert 3 4-season tents look to be the pinnacle of that shakeup.
NEMO Equipment Morpho 2p Tent

NEMO Equipment Morpho 2p – Two Night Review

NEMO Equipment Morpho 2p TentLet’s do a thought experiment for a moment. What if your tent did everything a tent was supposed to do – in fact, did it better than most tents – without any poles? Well, we have good news and bad news. The good news is, such a tent exists: the NEMO Equipment Morpho 2p has been around for ten years. Of course, we wouldn’t have mentioned good news without a bad news chaser: you won’t be able to buy it after this season. Click through to learn more.