Nemo is known for making innovative tents, sleeping bags and sleeping pads. The Moki is their burliest tent they make. It is a true 4 season tent designed to handle the harshest environments on the planet – high on a mountain and covered in snow. it is also designed to handle warm weather too – thanks to its ample mesh backed doors and top vents. Sounds like a great tent right? Does this tent have what it takes for your camping trip?

Nemo Equipment moki four season tent review

The design of the Nemo Moki is interesting in that is primarily uses a single wall W/B fabric called OSMO (rated at 4000mm). This fabric is burly feeling and does a good job of pulling condensation out of the tent, while keeping water from going into the tent. The floor is made 70D nylon ripstop, 5000mm, and is sufficiently strong enough to forgo a groundsheet (in most places, if you are camping on a rocky surface you may want to invest in the groundcloth). The vestibule (one included) is made of 30D PU coated nylon ripstop (rated at 1500mm W/B). There are 2 poles that go across the tent on the outside and clip in with easy to use plastic clips, 2 more poles that go across on the inside and connect with velcro (they did a good job with that) (ed. note – we don’t usually compliment velcro) and one brow pole that goes across the very top to open up the two top vents.

Setup is pretty easy, all things considered. You start with the outside poles, then the inside poles and finally the top pole. If you wish to have the vestibule attached, you can zip it on and set it up with an additional pole. The tent also has 2 very large side window/doors that are mesh backed and can fully zip open. We have never seen another tent like this! You can exit via these doors too.

Once set up, the tent feels very stable. Probably one of the most stable tents we have ever used. This is great and gives us lots of confidence in the design. The inside of the tent is very spacious. Floor dimensions are listed at 90” long x 75” wide (at the widest). We had no problem fitting 2 people and a dog in the tent. Ceiling height is also excellent at 44”. The whole tent feels good and has lots of useful features like – genius pockets and easy to use zippers.

There are several add ons you can purchase for the Moki as well. First there is the Paw Print. We love this blanket-style accessory. It clips in at four corners and provides a soft surface to lay on as well as protects the tent bottom from our pets. You can install a Cheez accessory as well, that is claimed to increase the heat in the tent (by reflecting body heat back to the user). The Cheez is essentially a tent liner.  This accessory takes up a lot of space though, so we left it at home. Of course, you can get a ground cloth for the tent, though it is probably not needed.

How does it all add up? Well, we have some mixed feelings about the tent. We love the design, versatility and features of the tent. We did not love that you have to install the vestibule to keep cross ventilation going. Meaning, the front, back and side doors are angled inward, so any rain or snow will go right into the tent. We also noted more than usual condensation on the nylon roof and vestibule, though not so much on the single wall OSMO fabric. The weight of the tent is more than some four-season tents, but not more than most. It also packs up decently well.

Nemo Equipment moki four season tent review


  • waterproof single wall design
  • burly materials
  • generous size inside
  • fairly easy to set up (provided its not raining)
  • lots of cool accessories


  • somewhat heavy
  • prone to condensation
  • doors allow rain to come in

All in all, this is one great tent that we would recommend to anyone looking for a realistic 4 season option. You can use it in the heart of winter or you can camp in the summer. It would make a “one tent to do it all” if you mostly car camp as well. The price is a bit steep, but not out of line with other true four-season tents. Check out the video below to get a feel for the tent. And, if you don’t like the purchase options we found, above, click here to search 150+ retailers for the best price on your new NEMO Equipment Moki tent.