Nite Ize Inova STS Bike Light

Nite Ize Inova STS Bike Light

The Nite Ize Inova STS bike light keeps coming out on top of our available bike lights. It mounts directly to the handlebars or seatpost and looks like a headlamp - for your bike. The light itself is pretty impressive and puts out plenty of useful illumination (up to 140 lumens!!) Sean let his coworker borrow it for a night ride home and is having trouble getting it back from him, its that good!
Hyperlite Mountain Gear Mike St. Pierre Interview

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Messenger Bag – Backcountry Strong for Daily Life

Messenger bags - if you carry one, you're either a bike messenger or professional trying to appear urban or outdoorsy. We'll admit to falling squarely in the second camp. But, even for a non-messenger, they still come in very handy. With the right combination of features and design, they can cover the spread between everyday briefcase and commuter bag. The Hyperlite Mountain Gear messenger bag is available this week. It falls squarely into that sweet spot.

Friday Bike Videos

Friday bikes thumbA few awesome bike videos for your Friday afternoon - Brandon Semenuk from unReal and Vittorio Brumotti disguised as a Tinkoff Saxo rider.

The DZR Mechanic Fills the Gap Between Work and Ride

DZR Mechanic Bike ShoeBuilding a shoe that can effortlessly cross from commuting duty to office duty is a difficult task. You have polar opposite interests competing for inclusion. On the one hand, you need the shoes to be stiff to transfer energy to the cranks. On the other, you want shoes that provide all-day comfort and look stylish in an office setting. At Engearment, we toss another wrench in there by using standing desks. So, not only do shoes have to be comfortable enough to wear all day - you have to be able to stand in them all day, too. Enter the DZR Mechanic.
Osprey Hydraulics Hydration Pack Escapist 32

New Osprey Hydration Packs for 2015 – Syncro, Zealot, and Escapist Refresh

Osprey Hydraulics Hydration Pack Syncro 10When you're out on the trail on your bike, you have a lot to carry: water, food, tools, a spare tube, pump or CO2, an extra layer. It all takes up space. We can think of a few handy ways to carry things, depending on your preference. Our preference - a hydration pack. We've been big fans of Osprey hydration packs for a long time. For Summer, 2015, Osprey is updating their bike packs with the new Zealot, Syncro, and Escapist. Click through for more info:
Ghost Bikes Bicycles REI Riot

GHOST Bicycles come to REI

Ghost Bikes Bicycles REI RiotREI, the national outdoor gear and apparel retailer has partnered with a leading German manufacturer of high-performance bicycles to bring the GHOST brand to the United States. The full suspension mountain bike models Kato FS 7, Riot 7 LC, and other select models, are now available for purchase exclusively through
Flipcrown wall mount

Flipcrown – Slim your Bike for Storage

Flipcrown wall mountWe love bikes at Engearment. We tend to collect them. In fact, among our skeleton staff of two, we have over 10 bikes. We're also lucky enough to have garages to store them in. But, we recognize that not everyone is as lucky as we are. Belgian cyclists-slash-designers Patrick Jacquet and Rob De Schutter recognize that as well, so they designed a system to help reduce the storage space needed to keep your bike. They call it the Flipcrown.
Tannus Tire Aither 1.1 package

Tannus Tire Aither 1.1 – No More Flat Tires

Tannus Tire Aither 1.1 packageOne of the reasons we like tubeless mountain bike tires at Engearment is the inherent flat-proofing that comes with it. With some liquid sealant inside, the tire will self-seal most thorns or cactus needle punctures. Road tubeless is coming along as well, but has some engineering issues that come with the much higher pressures and forces of road biking that manufacturers are still working to overcome. In the meantime, the Tannus Tire Aither 1.1 fills in a gap.