SIA Snow Show 2017

SIA Snow Show 2015 – Snowboards and Splitboards

SIA Snow Show 2015 Snowboard Splitboard Part three of our SIA Snow Show 2015 bonanza! Today we’re talking about snowboards and splitboards. SIA Snow Show 2015 snowboards and splitboards! We had a chance to meet with several great companies at SIA 2015 and even test out a handful on snow at Copper Mountain. Again, this post will be photo-intensive. Please browse accordingly!
Lib Tech Wingman Splitboard Review

Lib Tech Wingman Splitboard Review

Lib Tech Wingman Splitboard ReviewWe took the Lib Tech Wingman splitboard out on a recent hut trip in the 10th Mountain Division’s Fowler-Hilliard Hut. Our route started in Red Cliff, Colorado, at 8,750’ ASL and rose to 11,500’ at the hut. With the odd winter we’ve had, the Wingman experienced widely variable conditions both on the way up and on short day tours around the hut. Verdict? Woo-freakin’-hoo! The most fun we have had on a splitboard yet!
Jones Snowboards Mohair Skins Review Video

Jones Snowboards Mohair Skins Review Video

Jones Snowboards Mohair Skins Review VideoJeremy Jones is a prolific backcountry splitboarder who has inspired us to get deeper, further, and higher into the mountains. He also manufactures his own snowboarding and splitboarding gear under the eponymous Jones Snowboards. We picked up a set of the Jones Snowboards Mohair Skins to try out and compare against some of the nylon and blend models we already have in the quiver.
Karakoram vs Spark R&D side

Karakoram vs Spark R&D

Karakoram vs Spark R&D sideWhen G3 let us test out its Scapegoat Splitboard, it came with Spark R&D Magneto Bindings. We’ve tried previous iterations of the Spark R&D design, but not the latest. So, we took the opportunity! We’ve had plenty of experience with the Spark’s main rival, the Karakoram Split 30. Here’s a head to head comparison - Karakoram vs Spark.
G3 Alpinist Splitboard skins review

G3 Alpinist Splitboard Skins Review Video

G3 Alpinist Splitboard skins review We got our hands on next seasons (2015/2016) G3 Alpinist Splitboard Skins and tested it over the course of 2 weeks. G3 redid everything, new glue, new solvents, new tail connector, new tip connector, new carry bag (wallet actually) and overall - a better skin. We tested them head to head with the current G3 Alpinist, G3 High Traction, G3 Alpinist LT (covered in another review) and Black Diamond Ascension (for control group).
Plum Splitboard Feyan 1

Plum Splitboard Bindings – A Better Alternative?

Plum Splitboard Feyan 1Plum is a French brand that doesn't have much market share in the US. Their alpine touring bindings enjoyed a bit of a cult following when other touring binding companies were using "too much plastic." Gearhead Dave rides Plum Guide bindings on his Ski Logik custom skis. So, we're familiar with the brand and the quality it represents. We just recently discovered that Plum has an entire line of splitboarding products.
PoleClinometer Review 5

PoleClinometer Review and Inclinometer Comparison

PoleClinometer Review 5After a few weeks of being overly-excited about snow and forgetting our responsibilities, we finally set out on Sunday with the specific purpose of testing out the PoleClinometer and comparing it to some of the more popular inclinometers on the market. That's not to say we didn't get in some epic turns as well, but we'll get to those in another post. First, the inclinometers!