Luna Sandals Review Venado Pittards

Luna Sandals – Minimalist Footwear to Keep you Connected

Barefoot Ted is a dude who really likes to be barefoot. Nine years ago, he wandered down to the Copper Canyons of Northern Mexico and met Manuel Luna, a Tarahumara tribesman who showed him how to make traditional huarache sandals out of old tire tread and cordage. Voila – Luna sandals were born. We set out to explore a wide range of Luna’s offerings and found that Lunas are, in a word, awesome.
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The DZR Mechanic Fills the Gap Between Work and Ride

DZR Mechanic Bike ShoeBuilding a shoe that can effortlessly cross from commuting duty to office duty is a difficult task. You have polar opposite interests competing for inclusion. On the one hand, you need the shoes to be stiff to transfer energy to the cranks. On the other, you want shoes that provide all-day comfort and look stylish in an office setting. At Engearment, we toss another wrench in there by using standing desks. So, not only do shoes have to be comfortable enough to wear all day - you have to be able to stand in them all day, too. Enter the DZR Mechanic.