SnowLizard has created an iPhone 7 case that can handle anything you can throw at it (or if you throw the phone!). Military grade protection, waterproof and built in solar charger. What more can you ask for?  Meet the SnowLizard SLXtreme…

Snowlizard slxtreme7 iphone 7 case review

The SLXextreme 7 iPhone cases are not for everyone. The cases are big and this is not going to fit in the front pocket of your pants very well. It is not meant to be sleek, it is meant to be rugged and protect your phone from the elements. Did we mention that is has a built in solar panel on the case? Plus it has a built in 4000mAh battery to keep your iPhone charged. We think SnowLizard thought this through from every angle.

Features of the SnowLizard SLXtreme 7 iPhone case

Monocrystalline silicon panel located on the back of the case atomically turns on when exposed to sunlight. There are 4 LEDs that turn green when it is charging. You can achieve 100% charge in 15 hours.
Integrated 4000mAh Li-Ion battery provides 185% more power, basically doubling the battery life of the iPhone 7.
Military 810G Drop-proof. Meaning the case can handle a drop from 6.6ft.
IP-68 waterproof rating. You can submerge the case for 30 minutes in 4.5ft of water.

SnowLizard SLXtreme Performance

Let’s get beyond the size of the case and assume you are an outdoor loving, adventure seeking person who always has their iPhone with them. Hmmm, that sounds just like many of us! So, size issue out of the way lets delve into the features of this case. The solar charger is a great idea. The fact that is just turned on whenever sunlight is present is a no-brainer. Nothing to forget, just let the solar panel do its thing. The beefy built in battery can be very handy. If you use your phone to take lots of pictures and video, then you know how handy this extra battery can be. Or, if you are on several day trip away from power, you are covered with the solar panel and battery. Two power sources working together. Genius.

SnowLizard SLXtreme Protection

SnowLizard takes protection so serious that they ship the iPhone case in reusable waterproof case! Bonus. We did not test the impact protection with our phone in it, but we did huck the case onto the cement with significant force. We were surprised to see no damage. We did toy with the waterproof case by placing the phone and case in water. NOTE – it is recommended to test the case for waterproofing when you first receive it, before putting you phone it. Simply submerge the EMPTY case in water and see if there is penetration. Ours was squeaky clean, so it got to move on to protecting our phone.

Review: Is the SnowLizard SLXtreme perfect?

Yes and no. It meets all of our testing parameters and is a heck of a well made and well-engineered case. The only two drawbacks would be 1) size of the case does not play well with business or casual pant pockets 2) the fingerprint reader on the iPhone does not work with the case on. You can still access the phone and use the screen just fine though.

If you are truly an avid outdoor adventurer and need a burly case that not only protects your phone but keeps it powered up, then this is the case for you.  Available in bright yellow, Signal Orange, black, and Mossy Oak for the hunters.

Have an iPhone 7 Plus? You’re in luck! SnowLizard will be releasing a case for you this fall. You can add your email to their list to be notified when it launches.