Looking for Military Grade drop protection as well thermoregulation for your phone? Meaning, do you plan on dropping your phone and spend time in very cold (or very hot) environments? Well, we do! I spend much of the winter in the mountains testing gear and have had several devices shut off due to freezing, so the Moab case caught our attention. When the Lander Moab case arrived, I immediately took it up into the Colorado mountains and put it through the ringer.

The case is made of a smooth, rubbery material and includes an insulating material called Thermoline. This material keeps the electronics from freezing as well as overheating. We did not get a chance to push the overheating during our month long test, but we did get to push the cold. Once night got down to -10 and the phone still worked. Thumbs up! Speaking of thumbs (and fingers for that matter) the feature that we really appreciated was the Landing Pad Buttons that are textured and made using the phone easier to do with gloves on. I constantly use my iPhone to take quick pics and videos, so I really appreciated this feature.

The Moab comes with a lanyard as well, should you want to attach it to your wrist and not lose the phone. The feel of the case is nice and streamlined, not bulky or shiny. Think of it as a matte color play dough feeling phone case that slides in and out of your pocket with ease.

Lander Moab case debuts April 2017 and comes in 6, 6+, 7 and 7+ sizes. We used the 7+ in the review.  Here is the landing page for the Lander Moab!