TRX Atomic Pushup

We’ve partnered up with Colorado Personal Fitness to bring you a series of workout routines focused on gaining strength and conditioning for backcountry activities.

Here is Chris demonstrating how to perform the TRX Atomic Pushup with good form.

Before you attempt to do a TRX Atomic Pushup, make sure you can safely perform a TRX plank, a good pushup and have someone spot you to make sure you do not dip your back to compensate.

This is a great move that really hits the core and chest hard. Not a beginner movement!  Core strength is good for all outdoor activities.  It adds stability to skiing and snowboarding, keeps you going longer on the trail with a heavy pack, extends that dynamic bouldering move the extra inches, and helps prevent injuries.

Colorado Personal Fitness is available for all your training needs in Denver and the surrounding metro area.  Stop by their website and check them out!