There are certain pieces of gear that come with us no matter what the occasion.  Sometimes it’s not the same particular item, but rather a category.  Those are the best ones, because we get to have multiples stashed wherever we may need them (and our significant others get to say, “another one?” when we add to the collection).  One of our favorites, here at Engearment, is the humble knife.

At some point, every boy who enjoys the outdoors has to learn how to handle, use, and care for a knife.  Most of us started with a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife or something similar.  As we grew older and our outdoor adventures diversified, so did our knife collection.  The sheer variety of knives available is a testament to the usefulness of the blade.

Engearment Ode to Gear Knives

The original knife? Probably not. But sort of!

Once upon a time, some hominid accidentally broke a rock and created a sharp edge.  He probably discovered it was sharp when he accidentally cut himself.  We’re guessing that he died from an infection soon after showing everyone else what he made.  But, the idea lived on.  Humanity refined the blade, developing more sophisticated flintknapping techniques which lead to more sophisticated knives.  Knives allowed early humans to cut food, which lead to early preservation techniques.  Knives provided defense (and offense) in confrontations.

But, we’re not here to wax poetic about the history of knives.  We’re here to talk about some of our favorites.

Engearment Ode to Gear Knives CRKT Swindle Ken Onion

First, the desk knife.  In our case, it’s the CRKT Ken Onion-designed Swindle.  The Swindle combines a modified wharncliffe 8Cr14MoV blade with a classy, 2CR13 stainless handle to create the perfect knife for the office.  It features a liner lock for safety and CRKT’s excellent Ikoma Korth Bearing System – tiny ball bearings that sit around the pivot and make for extremely smooth action.

Engearment Ode to Gear Knives CRKT Swindle Ken Onion

We think it’s a classy addition to the desk.  But, in fairness, it ended up there because the “innovative” clip system sucked.

Engearment Ode to Gear Knives Morakniv Classic 2/0

Next is our favorite camping, fishing, and all-around knife, the Morakniv Classic.  There’s nothing complicated about the Classic.  It’s a simple, carbon steel blade with a stained birch handle.  We carry a Classic 2/0 on camping and fishing excursions because it weighs next to nothing (1.8 oz.!).  Other Moras pull multiple duties around the house and shop.  They make great whittling knives – we forgot a spoon on a trip once and whittled one out of a branch.  Morakniv Classics come in all shapes and sizes, from the 2.9″ No. 2/0 up to the 6″ No. 3, and are available in both carbon and stainless steel blade materials.  We prefer the carbon steel blades for ease of sharpening.

This post is going to be a constant work in progress that we’ll update as we find amazing knives.

Need help choosing a knife for your next trip or for EDC?  Our Gear Concierge is happy to help you narrow down your options.  Or, if you already know what you want, you can comparison shop 150 retailers with our Gear Search tool.