Plum Splitboard Feyan 1

Plum’s Feyan Splitboard Bindings

Plum is a French brand that doesn’t have much market share in the US.  Their alpine touring bindings enjoyed a bit of a cult following when other touring binding companies were using “too much plastic.”  Gearhead Dave rides Plum Guide bindings on his Ski Logik custom skis.  So, we’re familiar with the brand and the quality it represents.

We just recently discovered that Plum has an entire line of splitboarding products.  They make bindings, boards, skins, and crampons.  Gearhead Sean has used Voile, Spark R&D, and Karakoram bindings, but has not had his feet in a pair of Plum splitboard bindings.

Plum Splitboard Feyan 2

Plum’s Feyan Splitboard Bindings


We’re always excited about another player, especially one as innovative as Plum.  They have an entirely different mechanism than any of the other brands.  They don’t use a puck like Voile and the latches and hooks are different than Spark or Karakoram.  Plum’s straps and heel-pieces are made their fellow French company – Salomon – so they are really top notch.

Plum Splitboard Talps 1

The Plum Talps Splitboard.

Plum approaches designing their splitboards from a very different perspective than most companies.  The boards look more like a pair of skis locked together than a snowboard cut in half.  This should make for better touring.  How it affects the ride down remains unknown.

The skins appear to be manufactured my Pomoca of Switzerland and from Sean’s experience with their skins, they are very well made.

Here’s a quick video overview from Board Insiders:

As soon as we can get our hands on their kit, we will have a much more detailed review, but until then we will salivate at the pics and video of the these 2 lucky guys from Splitboard mag who got a chance to try the set up out in The Alps.

Need help deciding which splitboard setup is right for you?  Gearhead Sean, our snowboard Gear Concierge, has tried them all (except Plum!) and is happy to help.