Winter Apps

Smartphone make great backcountry companions!

A smartphone can make a great backcountry tool.  We use them to check conditions and snow reports before we leave and to take pictures and stay safe once out.

There are several great apps dedicated to helping you get the most out of your outdoor adventures.  We’re in the middle of winter, so we’ll stick with some snow specific ones for now.  These are our favorite winter apps:

Winter Apps - Avalanche Forecast

Avalanche Forecast



Avalanche Forecasts from our friends at CAIC.  This wonderful app is useful in determining avalanche conditions across the state. It is no replacement for proper training and knowledge, but it is a great tool in helping you determine where you should and shouldn’t go in the backcountry.  Available for both iOS and Android




Winter Apps - Snow Tell

Snow Tell



Snow Tell.  Another tool for finding how the snowpack is doing.  There are stations all across the North America so you can find accurate snow info for most any spot you can imagine. iOS only.





Winter Apps - Forecast Point

Forecast Point



Forecast Point.  This is an awesome app that is useful all year.  You can drop a pin anywhere and it will give you a forecast for that exact GPS location.  Helpful for camping trips, backcountry adventures and just finding out what the weather is going to be like for your inlaws BBQ. iOS only.




Winter Apps - Mammut Safety

Mammut Safety

Winter Apps - Mammut Packing List

Mammut Packing List



Mammut has 2 fun apps – Packing List (which is just as it sounds, you can choose from pre determined packing lists and/or create your own for different trips) and Safety (this one comes with a slope meter, inclinometer and basic avalanche info).  Packing list is iOS only.   Safety is available for iOS or Android.



For you resort based skiers and snowboarders, there are several apps dedicated to giving you what you want to know – how much snow your favorite resort got and how the weather is up there.  We find the apps vary a bit, so we check two or three of them and average things out.

In no particular order:

Open Snow (Our favorite)
Epic Mix – Good for Vail Resorts mountains only
iSnowReport – Colorado specific snow reports
The Snow Report by The North Face
REI Snow Report
OnTheSnow Ski and Snow Report