Zeal Nomad

ZEAL Nomad Ski Goggles  – Great Goggles for all Faces

ZEAL Nomad goggles are a spherical goggle with superb coverage.  What really impressed us, was how comfortable they were for all the testers – male and female.  Available with several different lenses and price points.  

ZEAL makes good ski and snowboard goggles.  I tested the ZEAL Portal during much of the 2017 – 2018 season and was very impressed with the fit and lenses.  The Portal goggles have many the same features but are a little less bulky.  We had both male and female testers using the Nomad goggles in a variety of conditions.

Zeal Nomad

Lens options – From Optimum to Automatic +

The pair of Nomad goggles we tested was the base level – Optimum.  There are two levels above this – Optimum Polarized and Optimum Polarized Automatic +.  The Optimum level is a good lens with Everclear Anti-Fog, Permashield Hardcoat, and good optics.  They also have a cool mirror look to them. The next level up, Optimum Polarized, adds Japanese polarized technology.  Blocking out 95% of HEV light and cutting glare.  The final level, Optimum Polarized Automatic +, is really awesome.  All the features of the previous level plus photochromatic technology.  The lenses transition tint in less than 10 seconds.  That means you only need ONE lens for bright days or cloudy days.  Simplicity!

Zeal Nomad

Mirror lens on the ZEAL Nomad goggle

Fit and Function – Good on all faces

We tested the fit on large faces, medium faces, and female faces.  Everyone enjoyed the fit.  Being a medium size was a sweet spot between great coverage and not being too big.  Often, I find that large goggles bind down on my nose and frustrate me.  Not so with the Nomad.  Our female tester, Alex, loved them and always reached for them first.  

Zeal Nomad

Mt Baker Washington – testing grounds for the ZEAL Nomad goggle

How we tested them

We used the Nomad goggles in different conditions, from February to April.  They saw lots of cloudy days.  Several sunny days.  Days in Washington state during the Baker Splitfest and days on the Continental Divide.  All in all, these goggles were an Engearment favorite.

Zeal Nomad

Mt. Shuksan looks even cooler through the ZEAL lens

Uses and recommendations

The ZEAL Nomad is an excellent set of goggles and will fit most adult faces very well. The base level (Optimum) is a good value.  Personally, I would recommend stepping up to the Optimum Polarized Automatic + and treating yourself to a great goggle for any condition you will encounter.

ZEAL Nomad $129

ZEAL Nomad Polarized $209 – sale! $166

ZEAL Nomad Automatic + $249