Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell – Aleks “The Hebrew Hammer” Salkin

Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell

Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell


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Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell – Aleks “The Hebrew Hammer” Salkin – StrongFirst, Omaha, John Grimek, Matt Furey and SO MUCH more!

Aleks "the Hebrew Hammer" Salkin

Aleks “the Hebrew Hammer” Salkin

Aleks is such a blast to chat with.  Grab a couple of coffees and get ready to enjoy this conversation.  There are SO MANY actionable takeaways in this discussion.

From driving “borrowed” cars and suffering for passion’s sake.  To living in Isreal and now Omaha.  Validating how good the zoo is in Omaha.  Heck, his parents went to the same schools I did!

Aleks is a gateway to a lot of very influential leaders in the health and fitness world.  You will hear a lot of names dropped in this podcast.  Each one of them is worth looking into.  Aleks has worked with them and has great insights to share with the listener.

We even went into visualization and routines to help you reach your dreams. There will be many more discussions with Aleks in the future.

Aleks “The Hebrew Hammer” Salkin

Here are some links to get you started:

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Aleks IG page


YouTube (very helpful videos!)


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