Eric Larsen the Polar Explorer – A Life of Adventure

Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell

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Eric Larsen

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Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell – Eric Larsen the Polar Explorer A Life of Adventure

Eric Larsen

Eric grew up in Wisconsin and enjoyed exploring the outdoors at an early age. He embraced his love for being outside and tuned his passion into a carrier.  Finding ways to support his vision of being a professional camper and exploring the most extreme places on Earth.

He is the first person to reach the three “poles” (North and South Pole as well as Everest!) in one year. Visit his website to learn more about all of his amazing accomplishments – Eric Larsen Explore.

This discussion is a great one!  Not only do we talk about his adventures, but we talk about his mindset of overcoming obstacles.  His passion for adventure.  How he prepares for expeditions.  Some of his favorite gear. How he trains for trips to extremely remote locations.  And much, much more.  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

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