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SunGod’s Custom Revolt Goggles on Kickstarter

Snow gear, by its nature, has to balance form and function. Someone could make the most amazing gear in the world, but no one would buy it if it looked like crap. The problem is, everyone has different taste - you like blue, I like green. To solve this problem, most companies offer their snow googles in a huge variety of colorways. One of the top companies offers 18 different options on their top model. But that doesn't solve a major problem - if you want two goggle colors, you have to buy two sets of goggles. Sungod does things differently with their Revolt goggles. Before the SunGod Revolt, no one combined top quality optics with fully customizable style.
Zeal Eldorado

Zeal Optics Spring Collection

Zeal Optics Spring CollectionWith Earth Day right around the corner, Zeal Optics is reminding everyone of two things: 1) it's almost the sunny season and 2) their sunglasses are about as earth-friendly as sunglasses can be. They reached out to us about the sustainable Zeal Optics Spring Collection and let us try out some of the new frames.
Zeal Optics Ace Sunglasses

Zeal Optics Ace Sunglasses

Zeal Optics Ace SunglassesWe don't normally get too excited about sunglasses around here. As long as they work and don't look goofy, we'll wear them. When we saw Zeal's Crafted Collection, we were interested. We like that they're based in Boulder, Colorado. We like that they use environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing. But what really caught our attention is that the frames on the Aces are made from 100% US-grown cotton. You read that correctly. Cotton. We don't know how they do it and they won't tell us. But it's pretty awesome.