The Himalayan Mountains are the ultimate gear destination.  The entire range stretches some 1400 miles and has an average elevation of over 20,000′ (6100m).  It’s also the home of Khardung La, claimed (erroneously) to be the highest motorable road on the planet.  It’s also claimed to rise to 18,380′, though GPS and other mapping techniques place it at 17,582′.  Regardless, it’s still really freaking high.  For comparison, the highest motorable road in North America is on Mt. Evans, right down the road from Engearment Headquarters.  It rises to 14,240′.  Khardung La is almost 2/3 of a mile higher!

Why in the world are we discussing the altitude of a road in India?  Well, because Kelly McGarry and Jeremy Lyttle traveled there to ride their bikes down from the top.  And, they blessed us with a video of themselves, shredding the Himalaya: Riding on Thin Air.  And it’s awesome.

You may be noticing that we’re shifting away from being stoked about winter and are starting to get stoked about summer pursuits.  Well, yeah, but don’t think we’re done with winter yet!  There’s plenty more coming up.  But, watch the video.  It’s sweet.

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