About Engearment

Engearment.com was founded by a pair of unrepentant gearheads on a never-ending quest for the perfect gear.  We obsess over the features, function, design, and weight of the gear we use.  Sometimes, we even modify our gear to better suit our needs.  We pour over reviews and announcements, call and email our favorite manufacturers, sneak into trade shows, and agonize over which gear to buy.  We make mistakes and learn from them.  We use gear, abuse gear, sell old gear to buy new gear.

We love gear as much as you do, but we understand that sometimes, life gets in the way of finding the perfect gear for your next excursion.  So, we want to share our knowledge and experience with you.  Need a new pair of skis?  A new bike?  We’ll ask you the right questions and set you up with the perfect gear.  Engearment.com – your Gear Concierge.

Learn more about our resident Gearheads:

Gearhead Sean and Gear

Sean in his natural environment, surrounded by mountains, covered with gear.

Engearment Gearhead Dave - Peak Bagger

Gearhead Dave – Peak Bagger










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