Bolle Tzar Goggles – The Ruler of Comfort

Bolle Tzar Goggles - The Ruler of Comfort 1

Bolle Tzar Goggles

Bolle Tsar Ski Goggles – The Ruler of Comfort

Ski and snowboard goggles can have all the best optics and technology.  But if they are not comfortable to wear, then what is the point?  Enter the Bolle Tsar goggle.  Featuring B-Flex flexible memory shape to customize the fit to YOUR face.

Comfort above all

The B-Flex memory shape is completely customizable to your face.  Using my fingers, I manipulated the frame shape until it matched my face perfectly.  Once it is customized, it will remain that way.  No more adjusting or tightening the strap to get it to fit.  Truly bespoke goggles.  Finally!

The Tsar also have triple density foam and Forestay system to keep the goggles comfortably on your face. These are truly the most comfortable goggles I have used.  If you have a wider nose bridge, these goggles are for you.

Bolle Tzar Goggles

They look good (and they look good!)

The optics are remarkably good.  The Tsar I tested had the NXT Modulator Green Emerald lens.  Which is a high contrast photochromatic green mirror lens.  The NXT and LTS technology in the lens provided great visibility in all conditions.  From bright days in the alpine to low light days in the trees, the Tsar shined.

Bolle Tzar Goggles

Carbo Glas protection keeps accidental scratches to a minimum.  The double lens and equalizer vents kept the goggles from fogging while riding.  The Tsar fit every helmet we used them with.  They are not too big, nor are they too small.  On my medium sized head, they fit just the way I wanted.  The wide field of vision was excellent for the backcountry.

Bolle Tzar Goggles

 A lot of goggle for the money

At $169 for a photochromatic goggle that looks good and performs even better, the Tsar is a bargain.  There are models even lower in price as well. Click here to grab a pair here.

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