Gregory Targhee 45 – A Solid Guide Pack

Gregory Targhee 45 - A Solid Guide Pack 1

Gregory Targhee 45 – A Solid Guide Pack

Aaron Rose

Gregory Packs offers a versatile guide pack in the Targhee 45 ($209), ideal for overnighters and longer tours. With solid stability, mountaineering functionality, and ease of access, the Targhee 45 hits all the checkboxes for a solid large-capacity alpine and skiing/splitboarding pack.

Packing the Gear


Before loading the Gregory Targhee 45

I found the Targhee 45 surprisingly easy to pack and break down pre- and post-trip. The pack held up its structure pretty well as I decided what I wanted to prioritize for access depending on the day’s objectives. The back panel access made it easy for me to pull and repack stuff during transitions throughout my tours.


Ready for a splitboard mission with the Gregory Targhee 45

Given my frustrations with a variety of helmet carry designs, the helmet carry is actually one of my favorite features on this pack. I found it easy to fit a variety of helmet shapes with the adjustable straps and cover that tucks into a zipped pocket when not in use. The adjustable helmet carry feature also allows me to load my Dyno DH plates effectively under the helmet for extra security or an extra layer for quick access.

The double ice tool carry design works well with the hook-and-loop attachments and you can add an extra layer of security with the top pocket straps on top of the shafts.

Gregory Targhee 45 Water Access

The hydration sleeve isn’t intrusive and zips well. Photo by Wil Rickards

The built-in hydration tube sleeve zips easily. The built in hole provided easy access for refills and the integrated loops inside the pack helped keep the water tube out of the way.


Integrated loops and hydration reservoir access.

One consideration to make is balancing the pack load so the hydration reservoir doesn’t get squished too much by the pack’s contents. This isn’t so much an issue in the winter time when insulated bottles typically go in the pack.

The Uphill


Climbing up a ridge above Forest Lakes in Colorado. Photo by Seth Linden

With a full load on, I felt “comfortable” distribution-wise as the frame held up the weight effectively with the load transfer through the hips.

During these intense moments of cardio, I didn’t feel like my back was heating up from the back panel or getting clammy at times so that worked out well in terms of dumping heat and sweat.


Aaron bootpacks up without traction as Baggins looks on. Photo by Wil Rickards

The reinforced bottom loops went a long ways in securing the split skis high enough not to interfere with my legs kicking into these steps when in A frame mode.


For those times when you want to have your splitboard ready at the top of a couloir, the Gregory Targhee 45 has a snowboard-carry option.

The Ride


A memorable pow day on Memorial Day 2020. Picture by Seth Linden

The pack weight load didn’t interfere with my wide arcing turns in fresh pow or quick slashes on sun-cupped steeps. We’ll let these turns speak for themselves.


Summer slashes on Radiobeacon Peak. Picture by Seth Linden


Earned turns on Mount Sheridan. Photo by Wil Rickards


Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had to abandon the idea of doing overnighters in the backcountry this spring. However, I did play around with the packing, and it seemed to work with an ultralight set up using an extra bag squeezed between the skis on top.

Gregory Targhee 45 – A Gear Destroyer-Approved Backpack


Aaron enjoying the views on Radiobeacon Peak in Colorado. Photo by Seth Linden

Even though it’s not the lightest pack on the market for its volume, the Targhee 45 seems to holds up to more abuse than its counterparts with its nylon material.

Overall the Gregory Packs Targhee 45 gets a thumbs up from the Gear Destroyer for its durability, capacity, and overall functionality.



Fresh out of the box.


The Targhee 45 is currently comes in at MRSP $209.95 with two colors – Atlantis Blue and Sunset Orange and two sizes – medium and large.

Gregory Targhee 45 - A Solid Guide Pack 2Targhee 45L Backpack - Men's $209.95





  • What are the features for pole storage during descent? Obviously, it’s big enough to thrown them inside, but that’s not always an option.

    • You can stash the poles on the sides with the ski carry straps. Shorter compactor poles may not necessarily reach the lower straps, but in that case you can also stash those compactor poles under the brain like you would with ropes using the rope strap feature.

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