Mystery Ranch Backpack Preview – Updated Glacier, Terraframe, Terraplane, Coulee and more!

Mystery Ranch Backpack Preview

Mystery Ranch Backpack Preview – Engearment Interview – Updated Glacier, Terraframe, Terraplane, Scree, 3 zip, Coulee, In and Out bag and more!

Tim from Mystery Ranch walks us through the updates to the 2019 line up of backpacks.

Updated Fabric – 500D+ for even more durability

Mystery Ranch updates the Expedition line from 500D to 500D+ Cordura fabric.  No weight savings here, but there is an increase in durability.  Not that they really need to be any more durable, as MR packs seem to last forever.


3-Zip for quick access

The 3 zip design allows you to quickly open the top of the backpack.  This comes in hand in fast reaction scenarios.  You can also access the entire bag, much like a duffle bag. Very useful in the backcountry.


Removable Frame

Many of the backpacks feature a removable frame.  This allows you to keep one part of the bag at basecamp and use another part for summit hikes.  The frames on Mystery Ranch packs are some of the best in the business.


How much weight can you carry in a Mystery Ranch backpack?

MR packs are designed to be durable and haul a lot of gear.  The Terraplane and Glacier packs can haul 70-80l + of gear and handle weights of 80lb+ with ease.  Very impressive!

Mystery Ranch features from Military, Fire and Hunter line up

It makes sense why so many hunters use Mystery Ranch packs.  They also work with Firemen and Military branches.  These collaborations help the civilian world by having some cool features trickle into the backpacker line up.  Like the ability to extend the backpack away from the frame and pack a dry bag, tent bag or even another backpack.  This comes in handy when doing big hikes and you need to carry another bag with you.  As you can see later in the video above, this can translate into a lot of versatile options.


Scree, Coulee and In and Out Trail packs

The backpacks that we are most excited to try out are the Coulee, In and Out, and Scree packs.  The Scree has the innovative 3 zip feature for quick access.  The Coulee 25 and 40 have 4 stretch pockets and a great layout.  The In and Out pack is really neet as it folds up into a small pocket.  Perfect for keeping in the truck for random hikes or for peak bagging.


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