Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS Ski and Snowboard Helmet

Sweet Protection Trooper MIPS Ski and Snowboard Helmet 1

Sweet Protection calls the Trooper MIPS a game changer. That is quite a bold statement, but they have many reasons to validate this. Hold on, because this review is about to get heady. Without a doubt, this is the most advanced helmet we have ever tested.

At first glance, the Trooper helmet looks like a minimalist helmet. Looks can be deceiving! Lots of helmet manufacturers are incorporating MIPS in their line up. For good reason, it seems to provide even better protection for rotational forces. We have been using several helmets that utilize MIPS and find it does not interfere with activity and hopefully provides an added level of protection (we have not had to test this, thank goodness!).


What sets Sweet Protection apart from the other helmet companies is the Thermoplastic Laminated Carbon Fiber construction that uses a 2 piece Shell system and Impact Shields liner Say what? Let’s delve into that long description in layman terms. The shell is made of plastic and carbon fiber, you can actually see the carbon fiber. The elasticity of carbon fiber allows them to design the helmet in the most efficient manner. Then they add in EPS impact foam and Impact Shields in certain areas – to absorb more shock from high-speed impacts in the front and back of the head.


The helmet fits “tighter” or should we say, more secure, than any other helmet we have used (and we have used a lot of helmets!) The OcciGrip system seems to grab ahold of your noggin and does not let go. It is a tight fit, but very secure. Once its on, it does not move around. There are several removable fit pads to customize the fit to your unique dome.


Vents – the Trooper has some slick vents. There are 2 sliding vents in the front that are easy to adjust and circulate air throughout the helmet – exiting on the back side. Simple and effective. The liner is made of Coolmax and provides good wicking. The ear pads are interesting – they are not very insulated, so therefore a bit colder than some helmets. The upside is that the lack of padding allows for great hearing. Something we think is incredibly important. Plus, you can always have a balaclava or gaiter to cover your ears.

The Trooper helmets meet CE EN 1077:2007 Class B and ATSM 2040-11 safety standards and has2-year warranty. This is a very advanced helmet for those who appreciate streamlined form, safety and function.

MSRP $319.95  Also available without MIPS for $279.


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