BlackStrap Daily-Tube and Headband; A New Favorite

BlackStrap Daily-Tube and Headband; A New Favorite 1

BlackStrap Daily-Tube and Headband; A New Favorite

BlackStrap blew me out of the water with these two innovative and essential items.
BlackStrap Daily-Tube and Headband; A New Favorite 2

BlackStrap Daily-Tube art

BlackStrap Daily-Tube

This traditional sized tube is far from your ordinary cylinder. The 96% UV Protection makes the Daily-Tube a must-have for bright summer days of relentless rays. You can take it on anything from water sports to runs to climbing, biking, and hiking. The 4-way stretch helps the tube stay in place around your head and/or neck without it feeling too tight and uncomfortable. I was especially impressed by the breathability of the fabric.
While wearing it on a raft in the Utah sun, my face never got hot, and I’m not exaggerating. After cleaning my feet with the tube after they got seriously muddy (I hate putting dirty feet in my sleeping bag), it went for a machine wash and a hang dry and apart from a few smudges it looked good as new, and that’s on a mostly white color-way!
BlackStrap Daily-Tube and Headband; A New Favorite 3
Speaking of, BlackStrap has knocked it out of the park with the artwork and color-way options for their products (mine is ‘Adam Haynes Lowers’). And because you thought this tube couldn’t get any better, the material is naturally antimicrobial and is safe to clean your lenses with! MSRP $20
BlackStrap Daily-Tube and Headband; A New Favorite 4

BlackStrap Headband art

BlackStrap Headband

I LOVE this headband! It rocks the same 4-way stretch, UV protecting, antimicrobial, lens-cleaning, breathable fabric as the daily tub, just in a shorter style. One of my favorite ways to use this headband is to dunk it in the water when you get hot, put it around your head, and let the evaporative cooling property work its magic.
I have also really enjoyed this headband on runs. It keeps the hair out of my face, is moisture wicking and keeps my head from burning up. This is a piece of lightweight material that will be coming on every adventure with me. Plus, it’s easy to pack and takes up next to no space.  MSRP $15
BlackStrap Daily-Tube and Headband; A New Favorite 5

Eliza out for a run

Eliza Lockart

Growing up snowboarding and hiking in the bitter cold winters and humid summers of northern Vermont, Eliza learned how to beat up gear and quickly became infatuated with new technologies. After moving to Colorado in 2015 to pursue a degree in recreation and outdoor education at Western Colorado University, her passion for the outdoors grew exponentially. Soon after, she picked up rock climbing, telemark skiing, backpacking, canyoneering, and is slowly learning to love rafting. Through these learning processes, Eliza began to understand the importance of the right gear and hopes to share her experiences and knowledge with others through Engearment.

Eliza Lockhart in water

Now working for Beacon Guidebooks as the ‘Wearer of Many Hats’ (yes, that is her official title), Eliza has learned the ins and outs of the outdoor industry. She has also worked on marketing teams, as a photographer, media coordinator, outdoor instructor and as a wrangler. She is especially excited to encourage other women in the outdoors and is an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

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