EnerPlex Kickr IV Solar Charger – Flexible Solar Power

Are you in search of a waterproof, pliable, lightweight, strong solar charger that happens to be proudly made in Colorado? Thought so! Enter the EnerPlex Kickr IV solar charger.


That is a heck of a name, but its also a heck of a great solar charger. First things first – will it charge my smartphone? Yes, it will do so with no problem thanks to the 1.2 amps of power at 6 watts. Will it break if it gets wet? No! It’s waterproof. What if I accidentally drop it or it gets bent in my backpack? No prob, its flexible (yep!) and can take a beating. It happens to be very lightweight (8oz) and packs into a cargo pocket. Mind blown yet?

Let’s look at the technology in the solar charger as well. Its made with CIGS solar on plastic film. This is the secret to its capabilities. Basically, this kind of construction allows it to bend and take a puncture (even a bullet) and still produce a charge as well as be water resistant and rugged. We had a chance to use it over the summer and had no problem charging phones, batteries, walkie-talkies, and anything that has a USB connection.


The fact that it is made in Colorado and not sourced out to overseas manufacturing is really impressive as well. We met with the inventor and chatted with him about his products.  He is very passionate about providing a great product at a great price. Very cool indeed! There are several other solar chargers from EnerPlex as well as solar banks, backpacks, and generators. We will get review up on those as we get to test them out. Until then, the Kickr IV is our go-to solar charger!

EnerPlex Kickr IV Solar Charger

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