Engearment Podcast with Sean Sewell – Monkii Dan on Monkii 360, Fitness and Being Wild

Engearment Podcast Sean Sewell and Monkii Dan - Stay Wild


Sean Sewell visits Monkii HQ South in Boulder to chat with Monkii Dan about the new Monkii 360, training philosophy, Dan’s history of being a wildland firefighter, ranger and all around wild man, and much, much more.

Every time we hang out with Monkii Dan, it is an adventure.  From winter camping trips, splitboarding and suspension training in the snow, to deep dives into philosophy and creativity. He also hosts a podcast for the monkiis out there.

Check out one of the wild fitness videos we shot with Dan a few winters back. Splitboarding and being wild!


And yet another high altitude training session / winter camping / shenanigans video 🙂


Check out all the monkii products here.

Stay tuned for the monkii 360 kickstarter going live 9/10/19! Check out the teaser video

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