Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 – Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 - Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads 1

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 – Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads

Aaron and his daughter - repping Dude Dads clothes

Aaron and his daughter Arabella – repping Dude Dads clothes

Each year we put together a gift guide to help you find the best gear for your adventures Dads.  From hiking, biking, and camping, to gadgets, gizmos, and… of course, socks 🙂 Trust us, these are some great socks! Let’s get onto it.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020

The Team put together some categories of gear that will be sure to please any Dad out there.


Patagonia Hemp Collection

Aaron Rose – aka the Gear Destroyer – is one badass Dad.  He is notorious for being hard on gear, so he is our go-to guy to see how durable stuff is.  The Patagonia Iron Forge Hemp Canvas Pant is his new favorite.  Read his detailed review here.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 - Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads 2

Patagonia High Endurance Running Kit

Drew Thayer is a soon to be Father, avid mountain man, and endurance athlete.  One of his favorite clothing kits is the new High Endurance Running Kit from Patagonia.  He tested out the Endless Run Shorts $79, Storm Racer Jacket $249, and Strider Pro Pant $129.  Read his full review on them here.

Patagonia High Endurance Running Kit

The unique zipper situation on the Storm Racer jacket allows full access to the pockets of a running vest.

Patagonia Houdini Air Jacket

Another Patagonia recommendation?! Yes, this is Sean’s favorite light shell.  It packs up super small, breaths very well and weight is just a few ounces.  It is one of those items that anyone will find themselves using often.  It goes on sale pretty often too.  $85 on Patagonia, $127 at Backcountry and $118 at REI.

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 - Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads 3

Mammut Alnasca II Approach shoes

Austen Beason, our climbing, rafting and backcountry skiing stud, is a fan of the Mammut Alnasca II Gore-Tex shoes $139

The Michelin Roch Tech II sole

The Michelin Roch Tech II sole

Prana Stretch Zion Pants

Nicole Doty, our outdoorsy Mom, and Wife, gave her husband the Prana Stretch Zion Pant $89 and he loves them.  Many of the guys over here have these pants as well. Read her review of them here.

Prana Stretch Zion Pant

Prana Stretch Zion Pant

Arms of Andes 230 Royal Alpaca Hoodie

Our Welsh backcountry skiing super dad, Wil Rickards (father of Cai Rickards), and our mountain man, Michael Clemente, are bigs fans of this alpaca hoodie.  Read their review here.

Arms of the Andes

Arms of the Andes

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5

Our East Coast adventure writer, Andrew Piotrowski, really likes the Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5 shoe.  He put together a great write up and video for you here.

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5

Hoka One One Challenger ATR 5

Mammut Runbold Shorts

The Mammut Runbold Shorts ($99) are great, athletic fit short for high output, outdoor activities like trail running, and hiking.

Zippered hip and thigh pockets

Zippered hip and thigh pockets

Arcteryx Proton LT Hooded Insulated Jacket

Our Pacific Northwest mountain man, Reid Pitman, has been thoroughly testing the Arcteryx Proton LT ($299 on sale for $179!)

Arcteryx Proton LT Hooded Insulated Jacket

Reid in the Arcteryx Proton LT Hooded Insulated Jacket


The redesigned has a more breathable face fabric and smoother liner material, sticking with the mantra of “Move, don’t remove”.  It’s a go-to piece for everything from backcountry skiing and alpine climbing to socially distant dinner dates and outdoor concerts.

Hiking Gear

Cotopaxi Batac 16L Backpack

Our resident ski patroller and climbing ranger, Kyle Juszcyk, is a fan of the simple and effective Batac 16L backpack $60 from Cotopaxi.

Cotopaxi Batac 16L Backpack

Cotopaxi Batac 16L Backpack

Kelty Perfectfit Elite

Our resident rocket scientist, Mike Opland, has been loving the Kelty Perfectfit Elite pack.  So have his 2 boys!  Just look at how chill they are using this great set up.  You want to be that Dad? Get one here $299

Kelty Perfectfit Elite pack

Kelty Perfectfit Elite pack

Arcteryx Alpha AR 35L Backpack

While being designed for alpine climbing this pack really ticks all the boxes for a Quiver Of One pack, the Arcteryx Alpha AR 35L Backpack is great for climbing, skiing, light backpacking, and air travel. The AR series has a lot of options to set up the pack for what’s ahead like a removable brain and frame sheet as well as an expanding collar for those adventures that require a bit more gear.

Arcteryx Alpha AR 35L Backpack

Reid Pitman in the Arcteryx Alpha AR 35L Backpack


Survivewear First Aid Kits

Everyone needs a good first aid kit.  We keep them in our vehicles, backpacks, and home.  Survivewear sent over a large kit, and within 5 minutes of opening the package, Sean had to use it!  The well laid out kit is very well thought out.  We highly recommend these. Available on Amazon.

To add to it, Survivewear is offering the Engearment readers a 10% off code! ENGEARMENT10

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 - Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads 4

Garmin InReach Mini

We all recommend having a GPS or sat communication device.  There are several out there, and we have used most of them.  The Garmin InReach Mini (on sale! $299) is the most simple to use and most packable.  It syncs up to your phone so you can use the phone keyboard to type (instead of painstakingly slow typing on the device!) It has proven worth it’s cost time and time again.

Garmin InReach Mini

Garmin InReach Mini

CrazyCap UV

CrazyCap is the result of years of research, testing, and development in partnership with leading labs around the world. The result? Independent tests prove it makes any debris-free water 100% safe to drink. CrazyCap uses advanced deep UV LED to sterilize water in as little as 60 seconds. As the deep UV light enters the microbial cell, it destroys the nucleic acids. Without this active core, cells are no longer viable.

  • Destroys viruses, bacteria, pathogens, and microorganisms
  • The rechargeable cap means no batteries to lose or replace
  • 500k use life provides up to 1.7 million ounces of drinking water

Simply fill your bottle with water from any debris-free source. As long as the water is transparent (so light can pass through it), you’re good to go. Screw on your CrazyCap and gently double-tap on the button to purify your water.

The CrazyCap is perfect for the trail, travel, or keeping your water bottle clean of mold and yes, viruses. Read more about how it works at https://thecrazycap.com/pages/how-it-works-1

Use code FATHERSDAY20  for 20% off!

Action cameras and drones

Sean is a geek for 360 cameras and drones.  Like, super geek level. He spends a lot of time using them and has picked up some good intel on them. Here are some of his favorites:

Insta360 One R

This is my go-to 360 camera.  It is waterproof, easy to use, and even has an Apple Watch app! I have taught strangers how to use this in less than 5 minutes.  It captures video and audio in all directions, letting you go back and edit with ease later.  Just get one and start capturing your family’s adventures! $479  Here is the full review on it.  Check it out, it will blow your mind!



This is another easy to use 360 camera.  I like the Insta360 a bit better, as the app is easy to use.  The GoPro MAX does have that “GoPro look” to it though.  Which is hard to beat.  GoPro has such good colors that it looks great, almost every time.  Grab one for $499. You can see how good the colors and audio are in the video below.  This was the 1st time I used it too!


DJI Mavic Air 2

This is the newest drone from DJI and it does not disappoint!  For under $900 you get 4K 60 FPS, over 30-minute battery life, gimbal smoothness, and ND filters.  You can not find a better deal than that.  And the new “anti-crash” software is legit.

Handing over controls to a young rocket scientist

Handing over controls to a young rocket scientist

I gave the controls to a 2-year old (yikes!) to see if he would crash it.  We all survived LOL.  If you are new to drones or are drone curious – get this one! $799 Here is a little video of it in action.  I shot this, edited it on an iPhone, and published it in under 10 minutes.  You can do this!

If you would like to learn how to shoot photos like a pro, check out our geologist adventure writer, Evan Green’s guide to outdoor photography here.

Evan Green


Not in the mood to spend hundreds of dollars, yet want to really impress him? Then grab some of these socks.  They are among the best we have tested.  And we test a lot of socks!

Swiftwick Socks

Swiftwick sent over a few pairs of socks for Sean to try and he loves them.  These are some of the most well-made socks we have seen.  Check them out.

TrueEnergy Socks

Infrared socks? Yep, these socks feature a special fabric that is woven ingo into the cotton mix sock.  They claim that it improves performance by reducing inflammation.  I have been wearing them most of the spring and they are comfortable. Grab some here.

Camping Gear

Roofnest Rooftop Tent

I have never been a fan of rooftop tents, until the Roofnest.  We have been testing it out for the last month and are VERY impressed! The first night out was in a snowstorm and temps in the teens.  My wife and two dogs were cozy and warm all night.

Roofnest Rooftent review

Roofnest in its element

This rooftop tent has been on over 100 camp adventures since we started testing it last year.  From road trips to winter camping to summer camping.  Plus, it blows the minds of Dads, and kids everywhere we use it!

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

We are fans of Solo Stove and have been for years.  They make some really awesome stoves that work in all kinds of conditions and burn super clean.  Sean has even cooked ribeyes in a blizzard using the Solo Stove Campfire $99!

The Bonfire Fire Pit is a sizeable and durable portable fire pit.  This thing will produce some epic flames too!  At home at camp, or the backyard, this is a legit fire pit! And on sale! $269

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit at camp

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit at camp

BioLite Campstove 2

BioLite makes some really innovative gear.  Campstove 2 $149.95 is certainly one of them! It burns clean, and produces energy to charge your phone in the process!  Full video review coming up soon!

BioLite Campstove 2

BioLite Campstove 2

Coolers and drinkware

Everyone loves a great cooler.  And these are some of our favorites this year.  Each one has been thoroughly tested, abused, and approved by our team.

IceMule Traveler 35L Cooler pack

Sean has been enjoying the new ICEMULE Traveler 35L cooler pack for the last few months.  It is 1) a sexy cooler 2) a great camera case! As far as soft side coolers go, this is probably the coolest one we have tested yet! $289

Titan Rolltop Cooler

Looking for a very affordable soft-sided cooler?  Then the Titan Cooler from Articzone $30 is for you! Check out Andrew’s review here.

Titan Rolltop Tote 12 Can Cooler

Titan Rolltop Tote 12 Can Cooler

Hydro Flask Insulated Tote

This insulated tote from Hydro Flask has been used almost daily by Sean and his wife and dogs.  From carrying food to picnics to farmers’ markets to protecting camera equipment.  This thing is legit! Grab one here

CamelBak Horizon Mugs and Bottles

Nicole gave her husband the Camp mug and he digs it! The Horizon 12oz Camp Mug from Camelbak mug makes a great gift for just about anyone and everyone. It is called a camp mug, so it’s a no-brainer that this it a great addition to your camping gear. But this mug makes an amazing and unexpected gift for a new parent.

Camelbak Horizon mug

Camelbak Horizon mug

I was always nervous about anyone having hot liquids in one hand and my baby in the other, so using this type of mug was a requirement at my house after my son was born. The vacuum insulation keeps my coffee hot and the lid slides closed to make this spill-resistant! Now that my son is a toddler trying to grab everything, I can safely have my morning coffee while I hang out with him.

My very favorite thing about the mug is that it is dishwasher safe!!! I used to have another brand mug like this one that was not dishwasher safe, and it has now been replaced with the Horizon Camp Mug which is holding up great with daily use. I love having a traditional size and style coffee cup to drink my morning coffee out of with the added bonus of insulation and spill control!

Sean loves the Horizon 20oz Tumbler for daily use:

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 - Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads 5


Food and Coffee

Patagonia Provisions

We all love the food from Patagonia Provisions.  Sure, it costs a bit more than some snacks out there, but Patagonia does such a great job of being good stewards for the environment that it is worth it to us.  Plus, the food is out of this world good!  One of our new favorites is the new 2 Day Camp Meal Kit for Two $89

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 - Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads 62-Day Camp Meal Kit For Two





Cusa Tea and Coffee

Jim Lamancusa, the owner of Cusa Tea and Coffee, makes some of the best tea in the world.  No kidding, it is a top tea at tasting events.  Not only that, but it is a Colorado-based small business and they do an incredible job of sustainability.  Check them out!

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 - Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads 7


First Ascent Coffee

Another good instant coffee that we have been enjoying on the go is First Ascent Sean’s favorite flavor is the Hero Day Blend. Plus, they are another Colorado Based company! Crested Butte represent 🙂

Fathers Day Gift Guide 2020 - Awesome Gifts For Adventurous Dads 8





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