KEEN Targhee Vent and EXP Boots – Two New Updates to the Targhee Collection

KEEN Targhee Vent and EXP Boots - Two New Updates to the Targhee Collection 1

Keen Targhee boot review

KEEN Targhee Vent and EXP Boots – Two New Updates to the Targhee Collection

KEEN adds two new versions of the ever-popular Targhee boots to their line up this summer.  The Targhee Vent is the highly breathable, ventilated boot.  The Targhee EXP is a waterproof and rugged boot.  Both are still very much Targhee though – with all the great features you expect from KEEN.

Targhee EXP Waterproof Boot – Durable and Waterproof

I tested the Targhee EXP for the last year (read the review here) and really liked them.  They feature the KEEN.DRY waterproof breathable membrane to keep your feet dry.  I did not feel that the membrane made the boots any hotter (as some people experience with waterproof boots).

Keen Targhee boot review

The PU coated leather looks really cool too.  I used the Targhee EXP during fall hikes and camping, through winter and snow and on several spring rain storms.  They handled all the conditions with ease.

Keen Targhee boot review

KEEN Targhee Vent – for warm, dry hikes

KEEN refined the Targhee by adding venting all over.  These boots let your feet BREATH! They make great warm weather boots for dry climates.  It still has the nice leather upper and all the other great KEEN features.

Keen Targhee boot review

Shared features of both boots

Both of these Targhee boots feature the comfortable build and Metatomical footbeds to keep your feet happy on the trail.  ESS shanks to protect your feet from rocks on the trail.  4mm multi-directional lugs that work well on a variety of surfaces.  And, of course, the famous KEEN toe cap to protect your toes from getting stubbed.

Final thoughts on the KEEN Targhee Vent and Targhee EXP

Both of the boots fit the same and feel the same to my feet.  I opted for the Targhee Vent on warm days when I knew there would be no chance of moisture (or I could deal with wet feet for a while).  However, I opted for the Targhee EXP most of the time.  Reason being, we encounter snow most months of the year (still snow on the ground as I type this – at the end of May!) and/or have plenty of creeks to cross on our hiking paths.  So I lean towards waterproof boots most of the time.  Either pair will work great for hiking, camping, and everyday boot use.  If you favor maximum breathability and have a dry hike – the KEEN Targhee Vent are the way to go.  If you have a wet hike ahead, the KEEN Targhee EXP is the solid choice.  There is only a $5 difference between the models as well.  Available in men and women, along with the rest of the Targhee boots.

Men’s KEEN Targhee Vent MSRP $135

Men’s KEEN Targhee EXP MSRP $140

Women’s KEEN Targhee Vent MSRP $135

Women’s KEEN Targhee EXP MSRP $140


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