Mammut Revelation Dry 9.2mm Climbing Rope

This slender, durable rope spans a large range of uses depending on which version you get. I’ve been cragging with standard-coating (Revelation “protect”) 70-meter rope all summer and have really enjoyed it; this rope has a soft hand and a soft catch, and is very durable. After 3 months of weekly use, it is hardly showing signs of wear. Mammut Revelation Dry Climbing rope 9.2mm $260

Mammut Revelation Dry – lighter

Considering the 9.2 mm width, I’m a recent convert to today’s skinnier ropes. These days, a fresh crop of ropes in the 9.0 -9.4 mm range are quickly becoming favorites amongst climbers (while the standard for ‘skinny’ has moved down to the 8.8 mm range – mostly for ice climbing). I used to always crag on 10.2 mm ropes for their durability, but that was largely because it was what we all did in the late 00’s. I was reticent to use such a skinny rope for sport climbing, but now that I’ve tried it, I’m not going back.

Mammut Revelation Dry 9.2mm Climbing Rope
The Revelation 9.2 mm rope is bright and confidence-inspiring. The author heading up Higher Calling (5.11d), Colorado Rockies. Photo Rainbow Weinstock.

This rope only weighs 57 g/meter, and the weight compared to a fatter rope is really noticeable, especially on long pitches, and when lifting the rope to clip. Considering that ropes thicker than 9.6 mm often weigh 61 to 68 g/meter, it’s no surprise that you can notice the weight difference. A 9.2 mm rope also takes up less space in your backpack (or duffel bag if you’re flying, making a skinny rope like this a great choice for traveling). We used to be concerned about skinny ropes cutting on edges, but rope technology has improved over the years, and ropes like this one, with a sheath proportion of 36%, are very robust to edge cutting. 

Mammut Revelation Dry 9.2mm Climbing Rope
Rainbow Weinstock trusting the Revelation 9.2 mm rope on the final overhanging pith of Higher Calling (5.11d), Colorado Rockies.

Mammut Revelation Dry Climbing Rope 9.2mm review

In the mountains, it’s nice to carry just 60 meters of rope, and the benefits of dry treatment can matter if you’re going to rap onto a slushy glacier or might get caught in a thunderstorm. I tested the 60 meter, dry-coated version of the Revelation in the Colorado mountains this summer. It’s a great choice for multi-pitch climbing in the mountains. The sheath does not absorb water and it’s very durable, however, the dry coating makes this rope much stiffer, and thus susceptible to more twists and snarls. Thus, I’d only recommend dry-treatment if you’re going to be climbing in alpine and/or wet terrain – if not, stick with the non-dry.

Mammut Revelation Dry 9.2mm Climbing Rope - Lighter Weight 4Revelation Dry Climbing Rope - 9.2mm $329.95



Drew Thayer

Mammut Revelation Dry 9.2mm Climbing Rope - Lighter Weight 5

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Mammut Revelation Dry 9.2mm Climbing Rope - Lighter Weight 6

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