Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack – Quick Access Workhorse

Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack Engearment.com_

Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack – Quick Access Workhorse

The Scree backpack features a three-part zipper system that allows quick access to the inside of the pack.  Couple that with the legendary load-carrying comfort of Mystery Ranch and you have a winner.

Day Hike Backpack

The Scree comes is an ideal day hike backpack.  The stated 32-liter capacity is enough for all the gear I would carry on a typical day hike. Made from a burly, yet soft 210 D Robic nylon material, it can take some beating.

Per usual Mystery Ranch design, the Scree is over-engineered.  That is what I love about them!  Whereas other backpack manufactures might strive for a lighter weight pack, or skip on zippers and padding. Not so with this backpack.

Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack Engearment.com_

Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack

Smooth Zippers

The watertight zippers are not only large and easy to grab, but they are also buttery smooth.  This comes in handy when using just one hand to access the inside of the pack. The triple zipper opening is really impressive too.

Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack Engearment.com_open

three way zipper access

Useful pockets

One thing that I noticed and appreciated about this pack is the two stretch pockets on the outside that easily swallow up a 32oz water bottle and other gear.  Plus, equal size pockets on the inside.  I found this helpful for organizing camera equipment, snacks, and other mid-size items.  Leaving the main compartment open for larger items such as jackets, first aid kits, and other bigger kit.

The lid has two pockets as well.  One is mesh backed and is ideal for items that might need to dry out a bit. The hip belt pockets are very well sized and functional as well.

Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack Engearment.com_ top zippers

two zippered top pockets

Load Carry

This is where the Scree really shines.  It could skip on all the other cool features above and still be one of my favorite day packs based solely on how well it carries weight. Mystery Ranch has load carry dialed in! The shoulder straps and hip belt are not only very well padded, but they also contour and move with your body.  It is something that you are best to feel for yourself.

Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack Engearment.com_ backpanel

great suspension system


The Scree is at home on the trail or in the city.  When using it in urban environments, I remove the padded hip belt.  Just two g clips and some velcro keep the belt on the pack.  Now you have a sizeable, and comfortable, urban day bag. Great for farmers markets, outdoor concerts, biking to work, etc.

Review of Mystery Ranch Scree backpack

For a fair price of $189, you get a very well built backpack to can serve multiple purposes.  I would highly recommend this pack for day anyone looking into a 30-liter backpack.

Mystery Ranch Scree Backpack - Quick Access Workhorse 1Scree Pack | MYSTERY RANCH BACKPACKS



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