NEMO Equipment Mambo Duo Sleep System – Two Night Review

NEMO Equipment Mambo Duo Sleep System - Two Night Review 1

The NEMO Equipment Mambo Duo Sleep system provides a cozy haven for you and your sweetheart for your front-country adventures.

You and your sweetheart are going car camping and you want to really impress her/him. You could just grab your mummy bags and be done with it, but that’s not very romantic. You could try to mate the zippers and create a retarded butterfly. Not too impressive. Then there are a few two-person sleeping bags, from various manufacturers. These are pretty cool and we have used several of them. However, the trend over the last few years has been to go towards quilts.  They’re lighter, more compact, and remind you of sleeping at home under your comforter.


The good folks at NEMO, being the genius designers they are, whipped up a few different dual comforter options. We tested the Mambo Duo Two Person sleep system. Yes, sleep system. It’s really quite impressive. First, they made an extra wide comforter/quilt into which you slip a pair of 25” wide sleeping pads.  NEMO supplied us with the Cosmo sleeping pad – but you can use any other manufacture’s 75”x 25” sleeping pad. Then you put NEMO’s Slipcover 2P 25L onto the sleeping pads, creating essentially one big sleeping pad. The system is not complete without pillows, so NEMO has you covered here as well with their Fillo pillows, which are 2 oz lighter than last year.

NEMO Tango

NEMO Tango

The synthetic comforter/quilt is rated to 20 degrees (we tested it to its limits and were fine) weighs in at a little over 5 1/2 pounds. The shell fabric is burly enough to handle camping with a dog or two (made of 40D nylon ripstop).  It measures 80” long x 73” wide fitting two 25” sleeping pads with ease. It packs up into 29 liters (22”x10”) so it is perfect for car camping, or even backpacking. Most synthetic sleeping bags easily weigh in around 3 lbs or more, so this quilt is a weight saver at just under 3 lbs per person – plus it not restrictive like most mummy bags and feels like sleeping at home with your loved one.


The Mambo Duo Comforter retails for $269.95. For $319.95 Nemo throws in the Slipcover 2P 25L to keep the sleeping pads (not included) together. The Mambo is updated to the Tango now.


The NEMO Cosmo 25L insulated sleeping pads are really cool. They take the best parts of other sleeping pads and make them work even better. It’snot noisy at all, easy to use and super comfy. The Cosmo features a built in foot pump that is actually easy to use! It saves time from blowing it up or using a hand pump that takes 100 presses to fill.  Quick inflation lets you get back to other fun camping activities.


The Cosmo we used was 76” long x 25” wide and fluffed up to 4” of sleeping heaven. NEMO uses a super burly 75D polyester fabric, so the pads can handle some serious abuse (most tent floors are 40D, for reference).  NEMO uses Primaloft insulation inside the Cosmo to keep the user warm to 20 degrees.  We camped at right around that temp and were just fine, probably could have pushed it to 10 degrees or so. The pad retails for $159.95 and is a good value for what you get. We used the Nemo Losi 3p tent in this review as well as the Nemo Moki.

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