Omeals – Self Heating Meals that you will Actually Want to Eat!

Omeals – Self Heating Meals that you will Actually Want to Eat!

Omeals is a self-contained, self-heating meal made for adventure.  I had the chance to hang out with the founder at Winter Outdoor Retailer and was impressed with the meals.  How would they do in the mountains of Colorado during the winter though?

Self Heating – Just add liquid

Each Omeals package contains a meal, heating packet, and plastic silverware.  Just add 3-5 ounces of liquid (I used water and snow) and the chemical packet activates to generate an impressive amount of heat.  In a few minutes, you have a hot meal.  It can be any liquid, river water, beer, etc.  The liquid does not come in contact with the food, so it does not have to be clean.

Meals you will actually want to eat

When I sampled the Omeals at Winter Outdoor Retailer, I was blown away.  They were by far the best adventure meal I have tried.  Our other writers agreed and we kept coming back for more.  Seriously, these are delicious meals!  In fact, I had to try very hard to not eat the meals until I got to the mountains to do the actual testing.


How we tested the Omeals

I went up to one of our favorite camping spots in Colorado.  Elevation of around 10,500ft at camp.  Just below tree line to avoid the scowling winter wind.  Temperatures were around 10 degrees.  The wind was decently strong at times (as you can hear in the video review – sorry!). I figured this would make a good real-world test for the Omeals system.  I ripped open the package, took out the silverware and dumped a hand full of snow and some water (~4oz) in.  Zipped it back up and placed it in the snow.  Within 5 minutes steam started to whistle out of the package.  I was impressed.


Omeal Vent

Mountain-ready and delicious

I used the provided silverware to chow down on the meal.  It was very savory and satisfying.  The heating element was still putting out a lot of heat, so I placed it in the tent to warm the air up.  That was a nice bonus.  The meal that keeps on delivering!  Warm food, warm tent and a good night of sleep.  Well done Omeals.

I would highly recommend Omeals for your next camping trip.  Heck, I would recommend them for keeping in your vehicle, cabin or home for a delicious emergency meal.  Cost is reasonable at $7.99 for all the meals except Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal – that one is $6.99. You can try a meal out for free using this linkhere.  Give them a shot.  I am sure you will be impressed.  Made in the USA and no preservatives.  You can feel good about this good tasting meal!


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