Patagonia Micro Puff Storm Jacket – Packable Synthetic, Waterproof Warmth

Patagonia Micro Puff Storm Jacket Engearment

Patagonia Micro Puff Storm Jacket – Packable Synthetic, Waterproof Warmth

Patagonia Micro Puff Storm Jacket Engearment

Micro Puff Storm will make you this happy 🙂

The Micro Puff came onto the scene in 2017 and blew our minds.  Patagonia took that jacket and added a waterproof shell to it. Enter the Micro Puff Storm Jacket.  Here to keep you warm in the harshest of conditions.

PlumaFill Power

PlumaFill is Patagonia’s answer to a down alternative.  Everyone claims to have the perfect down replacement in their line up, but I feel the PlumaFill is truly remarkable.  It could be the unique quilting construction that traps the heat.  Or it could be the rebound of the synthetic insulation.  Whatever it is, it works.  And works well.  The Micro Puff jacket has been in my backpack year round (read our review here).  From 2 seasons of splitboarding to summer hiking.  It packs up small, weighs very little and never lets me down. Unlike down (that was too easy).

Patagonia Micro Puff Storm Jacket Engearment

same quilting pattern as Micro Puff

PlumaFill works when wet.  It washes and dries well.  No lumps of down to contest with.  Lofts like down.  Warm like down.  You get the picture, it works.

H2No Performance Shell for protection

The Micro Puff Storm is waterproof thanks to the propriety H2No waterproof/breathable membrane.  Add in the DWR coating and this jacket seals out the rain and snow.  The 2 layer shell is robust for only being 12 denier.  It feels much more substantial actually.  Like a true hardshell, it even has a little crackle to it when wearing it. I am not really a fan of crinkle sounding hard shells, but this is not a deal breaker.  The added beefiness and protection are worth it.

Heavy Duty, and a bit heavy

The hard shell does add some weight to the ultralight Micro Puff.  Going from 11.5 ounces (326 grams) to 23 ounces (664 grams) for a size XL.  That is not super heavy, considering all the features of the jacket.  Basically, you are getting an ultralight insulated jacket with an almost ultralight hardshell built in.  Through in the features below and it starts to add up.  Worth it, in my opinion.

Features of the Micro Puff Storm Jacket

  • 65 grams PlumaFill insulation
  • 2 layer waterproof/breathable H2No shell
  • climbing helmet compatible hood
  • full coverage parka
  • mini snow skirt
  • mesh backed, sizable hand pockets
  • gigantic drop pockets
  • packs into left-hand pocket
  • generous sizing
  • warm as heck
  • double zipper for easy access

That is a lot of key features that you will actually use.

How the Micro Puff Storm was tested

The Micro Puff Storm is intended to be a belay jacket.  And a damn good one at that.  But, I am not a climber.  However, I do spend A LOT of time in harsh conditions testing gear.  I tested this jacket during February 2019, in the mountains of Colorado.  Often in snow storms and temps around 0 – 20 degrees F. I used this jacket for casual use back in Denver.  Walking the dogs at 4 am.  Brushing snow off the wife’s jeep.  It was a great “just grab it and go” jacket.

Patagonia Micro Puff Storm Jacket Engearment

Huge drop pockets

Mountain Use

The Micro Puff Storm was key in morning splitboard trips.  Getting gear ready before tours.  Warmth for food stops on the mountain.  It was especially useful when winter camping during snow storms.  It layered over other jackets or even other insulation with ease.  The generous sizing was helpful for this. I kept it packed in my pack as my usual puffy replacement and extra waterproof jacket.


I opted for an XL as I am usually on the fence with Patagonia clothing.  For reference, I am 6’1″ 205lbs 45″ chest and 33″ waist.  I tend to go for slightly bigger to accommodate a larger upper body.  The adjustable snow skirt helped keep warmth in to accommodate on the bigger waist. The only thing I would wish for would be slightly longer arm length.  Buy no means was it too short.  I just prefer extra coverage.

The jacket is truly a parka length and covered my butt.  Something I look for in a true cold weather insulation piece. The cuffs are adjustable with hook and velcro.

Patagonia Micro Puff Storm Jacket Engearment

dog walk approved

Review of Micro Puff Storm Jacket

I feel that the combination of warmth, waterproofness, and useful features makes this a great asset. You could replicate this set up with a Micro Puff jacket and a lightweight waterproof shell, for sure.  But if you are looking for a full-featured, waterproof jacket with good length and warmth  – this is it.  Plus, it goes on sale from time to time.  Like at the time of this review!  Grab one on sale for $299 (instead of MSRP $499) Also available at REI and and Mens and Womens versions.

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