Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs – Recycled Gore-Tex Pro Powder Control

Patagonia PowSlayer Recycled Gore-Tex Pro shell bibs

Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs feature recycled Gore-Tex Pro Shell to keep the powder out of your pants.

Patagonia PowSlayer Recycled Gore-Tex Pro shell bibs

Recycled Gore-Tex Pro Shell

Let us start right there.  Let that sink in.  Patagonia worked HARD to get Gore-Tex to offer a recycled waterproof/breathable membrane.  This is no small task on either part.  The upside is HUGE though!  Now that Gore-Tex found a way to recycle their membranes, this opens the door for other companies to follow in there footsteps.  The Patagonia PowSlayer Bib is the pinnacle of this achievement.

Patagonia PowSlayer recycled Gore-Tex bib

stretchy material on the back panel keeps things comfortable

Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs – Heck of a name

The Patagonia PowSlayer Bib is the top of the line offering from Patagonia.  The matching jacket is awesome too.  The bibs are a made of 40D nylon with recycled Gore-Tex Pro Shell.  The Pro Shell is the top of the line membrane from Gore-Tex as well.  These bibs are a basic bib with no extras.  Nothing you won’t use.  Nothing to get in the way. Just a couple of pockets, some suspenders, and Gore-Tex.  Well, there is more to them than just that, but you get the idea.  These are functional bibs to keep you protected in all weather situations. Made for the deepest days filled with face shots of powder. They earn their name – PowSlayer.

Patagonia PowSlayer Recycled Gore-Tex Pro shell bibs

small thigh pocket, good for an energy bar or chapstick

Fit of the Patagonia PowSlayer Bib

I was sent a pair of bibs in size large.  According to the handy size chart on the Patagonia website, I could have gone with an XL as well.

Patagonia PowSlayer Recycled Gore-Tex Pro shell bibs

Never the less, the size large fit my frame well.  I am 6’1″ 205lb with 33″ waist and 45″ chest.  The fit on me is snug, but not limiting.  For reference, I wear a size large in the Patagonia Decensionist pant as well. The trimmer fit of the PowSlayer bibs keeps the snow out, that is for sure! Coupled with the Powder Bowl or PowSlayer jacket, and you are coved from head to toe in recycled Gore-Tex.

Features of the PowSlayer Bibs

The bibs have three pockets total.  Two zippered thigh pockets and one zippered upper thigh pocket. The right thigh pocket also has an elastic beacon pocket.  According to AIARE, beacons should be worn in the appropriate chest mount provided with the beacon.  So heed that advice.  Personally, I keep my beacon on a thigh pocket like this one.  But that is the only thing that I will keep in that pocket! I want as quickly as possible access to the beacon, should the need to access it arise.  Check with your local AIARE guide to learn more about the proper use of beacons and all things related to safe backcountry travel.  Here in Colorado, I recommend Colorado Adventure Guides as I have worked with them on AIARE rescue courses and they have great instructors.

Patagonia PowSlayer Recycled Gore-Tex Pro shell bibs

Beacon compatible pocket

The bibs have reinforced areas around the ankles, to keep your ski edges from cutting the pants. There is also a good snow gaiter to seal around the ski or splitboard boot. The suspenders are removable and there is are loops for a belt.

Who is the PowSlayer bib for?

This is the premiere bib from Patagonia.  So that is saying a lot right there.  These bibs have everything you need to keep protected in the worst snowstorm possible.  If you appreciate refined, minimalist and functional over fashion and lots of pockets – then this is your bib.  The PowSlayer is a perfect companion for backcountry touring.  Whether it is skiing, splitboarding, snowshoeing or making a snowman with the kids.  The big take away here is that the bibs are great PLUS they are made of recycled Gore-Tex.

These may be overkill if you are a resort skier or snowboarder.  They are also probably out of the price range for many people.  MSRP is $599 though you do get a lot for that.

Final thoughts on Patagonia PowSlayer Bibs

Personally, I love that Patagonia worked so hard to get Gore-Tex to make recycled membranes.  That benefits us all.  The PowSlayer bibs deliver on protection and function.  If you are an avid backcountry skier or splitboarder and have the $$$ for these, then get them and get out into the mountains.  You won’t be disappointed.

Men’s Bib $599

Women’s Bib $599

Mens Jacket $699

Womens Jacket $699

Mens Pant $549

Womens Pant $549


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