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Portable Wild Training

Pocket Monkii Portable Gym

Monkii is a Colorado-based fitness device company that specializes in creating functional, high quality, portable fitness tools. The Pocket Monkii is a suspension trainer that can fit in your pocket.

pocket monkii

pocket monkii, fits in a pocket


Monkii – Born in the Wild

I am a big fan of using suspension trainers for health and fitness.  When I first saw the Monkii Bar on Kickstarter, I was really impressed.  Then, Monkii Bar 2 came out and was even more thrilled.  What was most impressive was the culture that Monkii was developing.

I had a chance to spend time with the co-founder of Monkii – Dan Vinson – in the mountains of Colorado on a few occasions.  Dan is a really great guy and spent his formidable years working in the wild.  From wilderness firefighting to park ranger – Dan is a legit wild man. To learn more about his background, check out his podcast episode here.

Also, check out the Monkii podcast here!

Getting wild in the mountains!


Portable Suspension Trainer

Suspension training has been around for a long time.  Think about rings and other tools of that nature. The unstableness of them allows for developing greater proprioception and useable strength. Plus, they are lightweight and portable.  Personally, I keep a pair of suspension trainers in my truck at all times.  As a fitness professional, I use suspension trainers with all my students, of all ages and abilities.

Pocket Monkii Review - Engearment.com_

Pocket Monkii in its nice storage sack

Pocket Monkii Overview

Take an already great concept with the Monkii Bars 2 and make it even smaller and you basically have the Pocket Monkii.  The main difference is that the Pocket Monkii is going to be better for two-arm movements (think chest press and rows) as it is one continuous strap, fed through an anchor.  So, not intended for one arm exercises as the handle will pull through the anchor.  No big deal, just stick to two arm exercises!

Pocket Monkii Review - Engearment.com_

Pocket Monkii is getting ready to escape!

Made in Colorado!

This part I love.  Hand made here in Colorado!  The Pocket Monkii is a high-quality build and uses durable materials.  Like the drop-forged cams and powder-coated aluminum handles.  Even the storage bag is burly!

Pocket Monkii Review - Engearment.com_

Pocket Monkii chilling in a tree

App and Fitness Training

The Monkii team created a great app too. In it, Monkii Dan shows you how to do many exercises and workouts.  It is actually very well made and helpful.  They even though in a 21-day Habit plan to help you get going.  Very thoughtful!

monkii app

monkii app

Should you get a Pocket Monkii?

Do you like using a suspension trainer?  Do you like things that are portable?  Do you like working out anywhere, at any time? Then heck yes, get a Pocket Monkii!  Support a USA made fitness tool, that comes in a lot of fun colors, and get training! $149

Pocket Monkii Portable Gym


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