Salomon Odyssey Pro – A True Thru-Hiking Shoe

Salomon Odyssey Pro - A True Thru-Hiking Shoe 1

Salomon Odyssey Pro – A True Thru-Hiking Shoe

Salomon Odyssey Pro

Salomon built the Odyssey to be comfortable on the trail and last 1000+ miles.

The Odyssey Pro is a lightweight shoe aimed at those who spend A LOT of time on the trail.  Their goal was to have a shoe that was comfortable out of the box and absorb shock to keep feet comfortable.  All while lasting much longer than other shoes in this category.  See, it is easy to get a comfy hiking shoe, but they tend to wear down after the massive amounts of miles that thru-hikers put on them.  Thank the Contragrip for the durability.

You don’t have to be a thru-hiker to appreciate the Odyssey Pro

I am not a thru-hiker at all, but I do spend a lot of time on my feet and on the trail. So I can appreciate the build and durability of this shoe.  The toe box is wider and allows for swelling (and more natural toe splaying).  I always appreciate a wider toe box, if not for the ability to handle swelling, for the ability to let the feet operate more naturally.

Energy Cell, Vibe, Sensifit and on the trail comfort

The Vibe technology runs through the shoe to absorb vibration.  It does this and is lighter than traditional EVA. The Energy Cell does a great job of reducing the impact as you are hiking over rocks and roots. Sensifit keeps your foot secured in place.  The 14mm/24mm midsole height looked higher than it feels.  I appreciated it’s cushioning.

How we tested the Odyssey Pro

I spent several weeks on trails in Colorado hiking and backpacking.  From daypacks to full on backpacks.  From established trails to bushwacking.  Dry weather (it has been very dry this summer!) to light rain.

Review of Odyssey Pro shoe

These shoes surprised me.  At first glance, I thought they would be uber soft and too cushioned for my kind of use.  I also prefer the speed lace system over traditional laces.  I can see why they went with laces though – easier to replace in the field.  The Sensifit really dials your foot into the shoe.  I am lazy and often slip my shoes on and off.  These shoes don’t want to that!  They want to stay on your foot – which is a very good thing on the trail!

After several day hikes and many overnight adventures, the shoes look new.  Well not the uppers, but the tread is completely intact. The uppers breath very well and the lightweight build is appreciated after many miles on the trail.

If you value a long-lasting and comfortable hiking shoe to last you 1000+ miles of mixed-use, then the Odyssey Pro is a great choice.  Mens and Womens MSRP $140

Salomon Odyssey Pro

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