Salomon OUTline Hiking Shoe – Gore-Tex and Grip for Your Outdoor Trip

Salomon OUTline Hiking Shoe - Gore-Tex and Grip for Your Outdoor Trip 1

Salomon OUTline Hiking Shoe – Gore-Tex and Grip for Your Outdoor Trip

Salomon Outline Shoe

The Salomon OUTline hiking shoe is a lightweight, multipurpose, waterproof shoe for all kinds of adventure.

The OUTline is engineered to feel like a running shoe yet have the mega grip to get into the backcountry. Salomon added a Gore-Tex membrane to keep the moisture out and feet dry.  The hiking shoe is also more narrow than some other shoes.  It reminds me of the XA Pro in design.  Luckily, the XA was one of my favorite hiking shoes!

5mm lugs and Contragrip for traction

The Contragrip sole is firm and grippy.  Thanks to the burly 5mm lugs sticking out of it.  I appreciate a firm sole for scrambling in the backcountry.  I like to feel the terrain and adjust accordingly.  Thought EVA midsole does a good job of absorbing some of the shocks from the trail. The Contragip is one of my favorite soles and seems to grip to most anything well.  These are legit hiking shoes.  The feel at home on uneven terrain.  On concrete, you can definitely feel those 5mm lugs though.

Salomon OUTline Hiking Shoe

Narrow shape for tight fit

The toe box is a bit narrow for some feet.  I am used to it as I have been wearing Salomon shoes for years.  If you have wide feet, or just want to have your toes splay out more – I would suggest a half size up.  I usually wear an 11.5 in Salomon and feel like I might benefit from a 12 in this particular shoe.  Or, I could use a thinner sock and reap the benefits of the fit.

Salomon OUTline Hiking Shoe

Comfort and lightweight

The OUTLine is such a well-made shoe that notice right away the construction and attention to detail that went into designing it.  From the heel hold to the faux suede tongue.  The Sensifit system holds your foot in place as good as any other system I have tried.  A nice, minimal, toe cap to protect your digits. On the foot, the shoe feels like an extension of your body.  It just grips to the earth and lets you set out on your adventure.

Salomon OUTline Hiking Shoe

To refer back to the XA Pro – the OUTline feels like the next generation of that shoe.  In a good way.  They stripped down some of the unneeded parts and improved the fit.  The only potential downfall is they used flat laces instead of speed laces…. but that is actually a benefit for most people as laces are easy to swap out if one breaks.


Review of Salomon OUTline GTX Hiking Shoe

If you like your hiking shoe to fit tight and grip the earth like a hawk, then this is the hiking shoe for you.  Through in the Gore-Tex membrane and Sensifit and you have one dialed in backcountry shoe. Mens and Womens MSRP $130 also available in mid for $150 Men’s and Women’s


Salomon OUTline Hiking Shoe


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