Six Moon Designs Introduces Two Dyneema Composite Fabric Shelters,


Six Moon Designs Introduces Two Dyneema Composite Fabric Shelters,

 the Deschutes DCF and the Haven DCF

Beaverton, OR (December 11, 2018) – Six Moon Designs, known for designing and producing durable and affordable ultralight gear, is excited to announce they are bringing back Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF), formerly known as Cuben Fiber, shelters to their line of ultralight gear. This week, the one-person Deschutes DCF and the two-person Haven DCF are being launched to consumers in what is arguably one of the largest run of DCF shelters in company history and quite possibly one of the largest runs of DCF shelters for the backpacking world at one time.

DCF incorporates the strongest man-made fibers in the world

Which are 15 times stronger than steel in weight per weight ratio and highly resistant to moisture, UV light, and chemicals. It has an extremely high tensile strength and very low stretch, making it ideal for tents, tarps, and backpacks. Six Moon Designs introduced one of the first DCF tents back in 2008, the Refuge X, which was the lightest two-person shelter available on the market at the time. The Refuge X taught Six Moon Designs owner and product designer, Ron Moak, what worked and what didn’t when working with DCF.
“We experimented with manufacturing over the years, perfecting our proprietary seam manufacturing technology yet trying to figure out how to make DCF viable for a production run model versus a custom made-to-order model,” said Moak. “It only made sense to have production done in one location and we’re thrilled to say we have accomplished that with these two new DCF shelters.”

Deschutes DCF

The Deschutes DCF ($400) is a one-person pyramid style tarp that provides 100 percent coverage and protection from the elements.  With 39 square feet of inner space, a setup height of 49” and weighing in at 8 oz., this shelter is sure to be a favorite among the long-distance hiker, bike packer or anyone looking for an ultralight solo shelter. The Deschutes DCF can be paired with the Serenity Net Tent, providing an option to have a fully enclosed double wall shelter for a total weight of just 18 oz.

Haven DCF

The Haven DCF ($500) is a two-person, two-door asymmetric side entry A-frame shelter that weighs in at 12 oz. and offers 51 square feet of inner space and a peak height of 45”. The Haven DCF can be paired with the Haven Net Tent for a solid double wall, two-person shelter that provides each person with their own door and vestibule for a total weight of just 28 oz. This shelter is sure to be a fan favorite with couples, hiking partners and those who love to take their dogs into the backcountry.
The Deschutes and Haven are currently available in silnylon versions ($195 and $240, respectively) and will continue to be in the line, but the new DCF versions are a great alternative option for those looking for an even lighter, more waterproof shelter. For more information on the Six Moon Designs DCF shelters, visit or contact SMD Sales and Marketing Director Whitney LaRuffa at
About Six Moon Designs
Six Moon Designs was born on the Pacific Crest Trail by Ron Moak, an avid thru-hiker who sought out much lighter weight gear than what was available at the time. In 2002, Moak introduced his first product the Europa Tent, a 33oz. single wall silnylon shelter and the backpacking community quickly embraced the lightweight backpacking ethic. Soon, other innovative Six Moon Designs products followed including the Gatewood Cape, a combination poncho/shelter system and the Starlite Pack, a pioneering frameless pack with a large carrying capacity, all setting the bar for affordable, durable and lightweight backpacking gear. Today, Six Moon Designs continues to be on the cutting edge of ultralight innovation and strives to make quality ultralight tents, shelters, backpacks and other accessories designed to get more people