Spark R&D Women’s Surge Splitboard Binding – Alex’s Favorite

Spark R&D Women's Surge Splitboard Binding

Spark R&D Women’s Surge Splitboard Binding – Alex’s Favorite

Spark R&D Women's Surge Splitboard Binding

Gear, our favorite pieces are those that we barely remember is doing a job for us because they do it so well. If you are anything like me then you beat your gear to death and hold on to it until it is limping…until your friend reminds you that they make upgrades and you might need one.

I rode 5 seasons on my old Spark R&D Burners. I loved those things. They served me well. They weren’t even all that broken either. However, after touring a day on some other bindings, new bindings that feel like they were probably half as light as my Burners, it was time to upgrade. After having a run of five seasons on Spark’s bindings with great performance, I had to stick with them as they have earned my trust.

Spark R&D Women's Surge Splitboard Binding

Built-in climbing wires

Spark R&D Womens Surge Bindings

The Spark 2015-2016 Surges aligned with what I was looking for. Did I mention I beat up my gear pretty bad? I also was worried about the response difference I might feel but the Surges have responded beautifully. I love riding them through powder and on steeper alpine lines that are more technical. The snap ramps are my favorite feature because I now don’t have to fiddle with the pin any longer. Additionally, I got to ditch the double wire and value the simple single wire setup that is easier to maneuver without the loss of dual touring heights.

The only wear and tear that I am witnessing at this point, after two full seasons with these bindings, is at the top of the straps in the fabric. Just a little. Maybe next year I will have to upgrade a little faster, the 2017-2018 Surges are sans fabric, which is probably right up my ally.

Spark R&D Women's Surge Splitboard Binding - Alex's Favorite 1
Available from REI and $415

Also available – Womens Arc Splitboard binding $385

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Alexandra Flower

Alexandra Flower was born and bred in Denver, CO in the magnificent 80’s era. Top of the list activities in life include hanging out with Chris Flower, splitboarding, climbing and running restaurants (and probably in that order). Beliefs include being kind, sometimes polite and loving what you do.

Ten years on a splitboard and over a decade climbing doesn’t make me take myself too seriously. I just want to be out there enjoying the scenery.

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