Tincup Whiskey – Where Will Your Tincup Take You?

Tincup Whiskey - Where Will Your Tincup Take You? 2

Tincup resting in Slate River

Tincup Whiskey picked up its name from the old mining town called Tincup in southwestern Colorado.

The miners would drink whiskey out of tin cups after a long day of working in the mines. Tincup Whiskey carries on this tradition by including a tin cup on top of every bottle. It screws on above the cork so you don’t lose it. 
Tincup Whiskey - Where Will Your Tincup Take You? 3

Tincup Whiskey’s mission is not one that is limited to whiskey sipping.

It is about exploration, connection and the outdoors. This unique hexagonal bottle should be a catalyst for adventure. It is a way to build friendship, an ice breaker, and a tradition maker. With that in mind, I set out to fulfill Tincup’s mission. Here are a couple of places my Tincup took me:
Tincup Whiskey - Where Will Your Tincup Take You? 4

I first took my bottle to Crested Butte and up the Slate Valley on the north side of town.

The bottle had been sitting in my hot car so I walked down to the Slate River, buried it in the river to cool it off and soon after took my first sips of the whiskey. The rocky mountains are honored by the rye and cinnamon flavors.
Tincup Whiskey - Where Will Your Tincup Take You? 4

The following weekend consisted of a river trip down the Gunnison Gorge.

We filled a flask (glass plus rafts is never a good combination) and brought a couple of tin cups down for myself and friends. Once again, the whiskey was hot so we let it sit in the Gunnison River to cool it down. That night consisted of getting to know each other over shots of whiskey. 
Tincup Whiskey - Where Will Your Tincup Take You? 6

Back up the Slate River, I went later in the week.

I skied a peek at the top of the watershed on the 4th of July and celebrated the summit with a sip from the tin cup. Although Engearment and Tincup Whiskey both encourage responsible drinking, I must be honest and say that the whiskey tasted best above treeline and with a steep ski descent below us. Several miles later and my partner and I were back at the campsite and celebrated a safe and successful ski with another full tin cup. 
And yet again, the following weekend we ventured back down into the Gunnison Gorge packing with us a flask, a ginger beer, and a lime. I would highly recommend this simple cocktail. 
I recently moved back into my house after spending a couple of months in my Subaru Forester, Pam. For the last night in Pam I went to Hartman Rocks, a large expanse of BLM land where you can camp, run, climb and bike in the summer. I climbed up on a big rock and finished the bottle. 
Tincup Whiskey - Where Will Your Tincup Take You? 7
Tincup at Hartman Rocks
My Tincup bottle took me all over the western slope of Colorado. It took me up valleys, down rivers and on top of steep summits. Where will your Tincup take you?
P.S. – This whiskey is good for a lot more than just sipping. You can also make hot toddies, Irish apple crisp, whiskey caramel apples and flavor a steak!


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  1. thegenxtravels

    Great story!!! I’ve heard of the mine Tincup but never the whisky! I don’t think I’ve seen it around where I live but next time I’m in Colorado and we have to look for it! I’m not a whisky drinker but I like the story behind it!!! Thanks for sharing!


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