TREW Gear Superlight NuYarn Merino Pocket T-shirt


I love wool shirts. Over the years I have tested so many brands of wool that it would make your head spin. Merino wool is a great fiber and provides some really cool, natural properties. So what makes the TREW Superlight NuYarn shirt better than the rest? Is it because it has a front pocket? Or perhaps the thumbs up logo is cool? Well, yes, both of those are nifty features, but let’s dig a little deeper and see what the NuYarn is all about.  (Ed. Note:  This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about TREW’s NuYarn!)

Merino wool is produced by sheep in New Zealand and has been around for a long time. It is a popular material for base layers and is produced by many major brands. Most of these brands use an 18.5 micron and that feels just fine. NuYarn uses 17.5-micron fine fiber and adds 15% nylon to the mix, creating an even softer feel and some other really cool characteristics. NuYarn does not ring spin their wool so the fabric has no twists and is actually stronger (47% stronger than ring spun merino wool) and allows for stronger seams too. There process also allows the wool to be 35% more stretchy (just look at the pics and video to see!) So the shirts drape on the wearer very well and the fit is as close to perfect as I have seen.

Now onto the more functional stuff. How does it do when hiking, working out, skiing, and kicking ass? well, the NuYarn shirt I tested got a lot of use. I took it out of the package on Monday and wore it every day till Friday (I would have kept wearing it, but my wife was sick of seeing me in the same shirt). During that time, I did four kettlebell workouts and two splitboard tours in it. As well as sleep in it, walked dogs, drank beer, you know – regular life stuff. The shirt wicked moisture away faster than any other wool shirt I have reviewed. It also dried incredibly fast (they claim 5 times faster) as was ready for more abuse.

I was so impressed with the shirt that I ordered 4 more and will probably now be living in them year round. The NuYarn Pocket T-shirts have been such a hit that TREW will be offering the shirt in additional colors starting in May. So there you have it, a superlight, stretchy, comfy wool shirt that is built tough (and looks cool). Major bonus for the longer fit. So many other wool shirts are short, this one is long enough to tuck in when using it as a winter sports base-layer. MSRP $69.  Only available direct from TREW Gear.


TREW Gear Superlight NuYarn Merino Pocket T-shirt

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