Trew Gear TREWth Bib Review – Truth is, they are great!


Either you love bibs or you hate bibs. We happen to love bibs and wind up testing dang near every bib we can get ahold of. The Trew TREWth bib has been on the top of our list to test out for a few years. Well, now we have had a chance to put it through the wringer with snowboarding and lots and lots of splitboarding. Lots of interesting features and attention to detail with the bib for sure. Read on to find out what we gathered from using them.

If you wear bibs, you more than likely find yourself in powder filled fun mountains and don’t want to get snow where the sun does not shine. Either that or you are a farmer. You are probably not a farmer, so we will approach this from the snowier side of things. These bibs are really great at keeping snow out and the fun meter high. The Trewth are more of a steezy fit, not overly baggy, but baggy enough that you notice it. This can be great if you are a resort rider that likes that look or even a backcountry skier or splitboarder. That, or you have very massive legs and torso. Our tester is 6’1” and 200lb. Not small by any means, but not huge either. The size large was perfect for him. He usually wears XL in other brands, but the fit of the Trew bibs is that much bigger, for what it’s worth. Trew calls it a modern freeride fit.

Burly materials

Our favorite part of these bibs is the material they are made of. They are bomber 80D nylon for most of the bib and 140D in high wear areas (below knees). The fabric stretches and is quite. That is really great when you are in the backcountry and you don’t want to sound like a trash bag walking around, scaring off the birds and such. What is truly stellar about the material is that they incorporate Dermizax NX as the waterproof breathable membrane. This may not be a household name yet, but it will be. Toray (the makers of the WPB membrane) is not new to the industry but have been working on a way to create a more breathable (and still waterproof) membrane. They came up with Dermizax NX and its claim is that it is the most breathable membrane on the market. With a rating of 40k for breathability and 20k for waterproofness – this claim is justifiable. After many tours with the bibs, we can say they breathe very well, but we still needed to use the side zip to dump heat out. Nothing really beats a large vent to get air out!

Good fit

So the fit is a bit baggy, the material is soft and stretchy, the waterproof breathable membrane might be the best in the biz – what else can we tell you about the bibs…. Well, they function just the way we want them too. The zippered hand pockets hold keys, phone, etc. , well. The large non-zippered cargo pockets can fit a beanie or set of gloves without a problem. The bib section has a non-zippered pocket (perfect for beacon) and has a very handy, small zippered pocket for chapstick (and other things).

The cuffs are reinforced with SuperFabic to take on your ski or splitboard edges. The racerback design fits us really well, with the wide, soft and adjustable straps snuggly fitting over our shoulders. If you really need it, there are belt loops as well, but don’t be that person who wears a belt and suspenders. Or do, and own that look. If so, cheers to you!

All in all, these are the real deal. They are a super well-built bib designed to be the workhorse that gets you through the deepest days. All the features are well thought out and functional. The fit is a bit baggier than we like, but it did not get in the way of us touring. The front cargo pockets could possibly be bigger (but maybe that would effect articulation of the knee?) Other than those small gripes, these are a go-to bib. Highly recommended! Grab a pair here.

Trew Gear TREWth Bib Review


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