Two Hikers Survive 5 Days in California Mountains

This story has a happy ending!  Two hikers were out in the Mount Baldy area in California and got separated from their group.  They rationed food and used a Lifestraw to sustain them for five days.  Pretty impressive!
More info from Lifestraw below:lifestraw
From Lifestraw:
This morning, GMA reported on the safe return of two missing hikers, who survived 5 days in the mountains of California after getting separated from their hiking partners. Upon being reunited with family and friends, the two skilled California hikers revealed that to keep themselves hydrated, they leveraged a LifeStraw, a water filtration device used by outdoor enthusiasts, emergency preppers and survivalists as a means to safely drink water from any natural water source (ponds, lakes, streams, waterfalls) without the risk of ingesting bacteria or viruses that could lead to harm. Small enough to take on any adventure or store in your home emergency kit (weight: 2oz), this easy-to-use device can provide clean drinking water for 1 individual for up to 5 years.
LifeStraw is delighted that after 15 years, their products continue to save lives. ~Wendy

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