Pelican 3310PL Glow in the Dark Flashlight Review

We have a lot of flashlights, too many really, so when we went about seeking out something new in the flashlight world we found this unique model from Pelican. The 3310PL Glow in the Dark flashlight fits a niche that could help you out in an emergency and be handy to have around.


The Pelican 3310PL Flashlight is a medium powered workhorse that puts out 378 lumens on high and 39 lumens on low. it shoots a 196m beam on high and 62 on low. Battery life is 8 hours on high and 202 on low. It is also IP68 waterproof (totally submersible) and is powered by 3 standard AA batteries. We like that. It can be a pain to keep batteries other than AA and AAA around. The real magic with this flashlight is that it glows in the dark. That’s right, a light that helps you find it. Pretty cool!


This would make a great flashlight to keep in the vehicle and one in the home. It uses a mechanical switch, so the batteries won’t drain while it’s not on.  MSRP $32. Grab it from Amazon.

Pelican 3310PL

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