RYU Quick Pack Lux 18L Backpack Review

Quick Pack LUX 18L

RYU Quick Pack Lux 18L Backpack Review

The RYU Quick Pack Lux 18L Backpack is designed to be a stylish commuter backpack with minimalist design and plenty of organization. RYU (Respect Your Universe) touts that this is the perfect backpack to take to the gym, office or on the weekend. Over the last few weeks, we put it through the Engearment testing process, to the gym, urban commuting, and office. Let’s see if it nails all the claims.

RYU Quick Pack Lux 18L Backpack Review

RYU has a great take on the idea of a backpack for fit commuters.

We love the idea of a minimalist backpack that can haul our essentials – laptop, chargers, post-workout shower kit, water bottle, and accessories. The Quick Pack Lux is 18 liters and comes in four colors. There is a larger version called the Locker Pack Lux 24L. You gain 6 more liters of storage, but they look about the same and have the same build and features.

Both Lux backpacks are constructed of 9.5 oz canvas with a wax treated face and PU treated backside. The packs have leather shoulder straps that are stylish and eventually contour to your body. Mesh water bottle pockets on the inside of the backpack can hold up to 700ml or 22oz bottles. Two zippered mesh pockets on the inside to hold your gadgets and toiletries. Finally, there is one zippered top pocket on the outside lid for your keys and quick access items. The best feature of the packs it the dual zippers that allow you to access the majority of the backpack. Making it easier to get to items at the bottom of the bag.

RYU Quick Pack Lux 18L Backpack Review


The design of the backpacks is quite aesthetically pleasing.

The function was great in some areas and adequate in others though. We found that the thin leather straps kind of dug into our chest and shoulders. Also, we would like to see a truly water resistant material used if we were to use this backpack as our urban commuting pack on the bike. One for the features we really appreciated, was the ability of the bag to retain the same shape whether it was fully loaded or almost empty. So you don’t get a lumpy pack. We really liked the fact that you can access the majority of the backpack more efficiently by unzipping the dual drop front zippers. If you are looking for a stylish backpack to take to the office, the gym and function as a large Dopp bag, then this could be a great backpack or you. The RYU Quick Pack Lux and Locker Pack Lux offer a streamlined and highly organized solution in an attractive, urban pack.

RYU Quick Pack Lux 18L Backpack Review

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