SPY Optics Sundowner: Affordable, Indestructible Adventure Eyewear

Spy Sundowner

Good eyewear designed for outdoor recreation by sport and motor enthusiasts doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Spy Sundowner


Retailing for $65, the SPY Optics Sundowner sunglasses are a steal. Part of the Refresh Collection, the self-described “cult-classic sunnies” are made for long days of adventure.


While the design is reminiscent of Oakley Frogskins, the Sundowner holds its own. The price and the lightness of the durable material are what makes them good adventure eyewear. No longer will someone selecting adventure eyewear have to choose between cost or durability, as the Sundowner has both.

In addition to the price point, what most impressed me was how indestructible the Sundowners are.

Constructed with GrilamidⓇ, a transparent plastic polymer known for its extreme durability, the Sundowners are flexible and resistant to stress cracking, chemicals, and weathering. Although they are extremely light, they are also resilient to wear and tear that lesser (and more expensive) sunglasses would not have withstood.

I recently wore the Sundowners on a particularly brutal weekend of white water rafting and camping. After getting accidentally tossed in a dry bag beneath layers of gear, sat on by a blue heeler, and nearly crushed in a jacket pocket, the Sundowners emerged virtually unscathed.

Spy Sundowner

Accentuated with a raised metal logo detail, the Sundowners are available in matte translucent frames with four color options (gray with green spectra; gray with red spectra; crystal; and gray).

Additional features of the Spy Sundowner include 6-base polycarbonate ARC lenses, 100% UV protection reduces eye fatigue and long-term sun damage.

My only issue with the Sundowners is that they did not fit my face as snugly as the more fashionable Hi-Fis from the same Refresh Collection.



As someone who inadvertently breaks at least one piece of eyewear annually (I lost two pairs of cycling-specific performance eyewear this summer alone do to similar paces I put the Sundowners through), the excessively durable Sundowners standout among adventure eyewear. The Sundowners are a great option for those who are tough on their gear, but not on their wallets.

review by Kate Agathon

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