Deckers X Lab NVRSTP pack/backpack/vest – Easily Adjustable

Andrew Piotrowski

Overview – Teva and Hoka are some of my favorite brands, so when their parent company launched a Ultrarunning pack I had to give it a try! Deckers X labs is the innovation department of the company that owns Hoka, Teva, Ugg, and Sanuk, and just launched the Deckers X Lab NVRSTP pack.

Deckers X Lab NVRSTP
Deckers X Lab NVRSTP

Deckers X Lab NVRSTP review

This pack is designed for a variety of adventures ranging from a short hike with the kids to the famous UTMB (Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc). I have had a blast testing this pack out by fast-packing a few sections of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania.

This past weekend I loaded the pack with a bunch of camping gear and ran 20 miles into the Michaux State Forest to meet a friend for a quick overnight in the pines. I found the pack to be comfortable, light, and had very little bouncing despite running on the rock gardens that we call trails in Pennsylvania. 

Best Applications: 

  • Ultrarunning
  • Day hiking
  • Fastpacking
  • Run/Walk Commuting
Deckers X Lab NVRSTP
Deckers X Lab NVRSTP

Key Features: 

19 Pockets: Yes it says 19! I know when I first read that I was a bit skeptical of the need/application of 19 pockets on a 25L pack. I was wrong, all 19 are well designed and useful. I especially love the front pocket system.

On each frontside there are 4 total main pockets. Two of these have a zipper to secure essential items like a GPS or keys. The other 2 on each front side are mesh and securely hold water bottles, snacks, and phones.

Deckers X Lab NVRSTP
Deckers X Lab NVRSTP

On the outside bottom of the back of the pack there is a stretch mesh pocket that extends the width of the pack. This pocket is very versatile and can be used to hold a water bottle, gear, or even a wet towel. I used to it hold my sleeping pad.  

Hydration Bladder Pocket: There is a top zipper pocket that is perfectly built for hauling a hydration bladder. There is small velcro loop that can be used to secure the bladder.

What I really like about this pocket is its size. Its large enough to easily insert and remove the bladder, this is key for ultra-efforts. I pulled it out to filter water 3 or 4 times and was very grateful for how easy a fully loaded bladder slides into the pocket.

Bottom Carabiner Strap System:  at the bottom of the back of pack there is a really useful strap system. This system has two straps that start on the bottom of the pack and then connect with an easy to use carabiner connected to a loop. I used this for securing my tent to my pack and found that it stayed tight despite the many hours on rocky trails. 

Easily adjustable Strap System: In the front of the pack there are three straps that can be adjusted up or down based on what is comfortable for you. This coupled with the two pull-cord adjuster straps make this pack easy to secure and adjust on the go. 

Roll Top Pocket: The pack holds 25L of gear but can be flexed up to 40L by deploying the standalone roll top pocket. Excellent! 

Deckers X Lab NVRSTP
Deckers X Lab NVRSTP

What would I change? There are two small items that I would change on this pack. The first is the pull cord closure system on the front mesh pockets. They can easily be closed with one hand but I found that I needed two hands to re-open them.

Deckers X Lab NVRSTP
Deckers X Lab NVRSTP

Not a big deal as this can be easily done while still moving fast. I would also use a different color cord for the side adjusters, a few times I found myself pulling the wrong cord when trying to tighten the pack. Both are very minor.

What I love: I really like the way that this packs construction balances the load and dissipates bouncing.

MSRP: $275

Deckers X Lab NVRSTP pack/backpack/vest - Easily Adjustable 2NVRSTP 19-25


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