NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack – Awesome Adjustable 35L Camera Backpack

The NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack $399 is an awesome camera backpack that was designed with legendary content creator Peter McKinnon.  This 35L pack adjusts to 42L and has loads of great features!

NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack - Awesome Adjustable 35L Camera Backpack 3McKinnon Camera Pack 35L



NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack

Peter McKinnon is one of the most influential content creators out there.  Personally, I check out as many of his videos as possible.  He has a fun and charismatic way of presenting his videos.  Often, he is teaching you how to do something or going over gear he likes.  No matter what he is covering, he does so with the best visuals I have seen.  He knows his stuff when it comes to cameras and creativity!

It is no wonder he helped design this camera pack.  It has a ton of great features that any photographer or content creator would appreciate.  Plus, it is overbuilt and looks great.  The attention to detail is impressive.  Heck, even the zipper pulls are well thought out.  They feature branded metal pulls instead of plain nylon or plastic tabs.

NOMATIC mckinnon camera pack Engearment
NOMATIC McKinnon camera pack Engearment

The camera pack has a good structure to it.  Meaning it holds its shape whether loaded or empty. This is because it is built to house and protect your valuable camera equipment.  The pack is loaded with padding in every area possible.

Peter McKinnon YouTube
Peter McKinnon YouTube

The main pocket is basically a giant camera cube. NOMATIC includes 5 removable dividers to create the perfect shape for your camera(s) and lens(s).  Plus, these dividers have Peter’s pirate logo on them.  Nice touch 🙂

NOMATIC mckinnon camera pack Engearment loaded up
NOMATIC McKinnon camera pack loaded up

The brown plush panels are also removable and adjustable.  You really can create the perfect housing setup for your gear.  Endless possibilities here! I used the main compartment to carry my Panasonic G9, main lens, prime lens, Sony ZV-1 camera, batteries, Rode Wireless Go mics, lights, chargers, and cables.  The 2 zippered pockets were great for SSD drive, laptop dongle, notepad, and knife. There is a padded slot that is great for a tablet or files.

The second large pocket is great for clothes and accessories.  Since I am not flying right now (LOL) I used this area for more gear! But if you were traveling and working, this second pocket would be perfect for a few changes of clothes and toiletries.  This really is a perfect size carry-on content creator backpack.

NOMATIC mckinnon camera pack Engearment quick access camera pocket
NOMATIC McKinnon camera pack quick access camera pocket

I really like the padded laptop pocket being separate from the main pocket.  This saves me time to access the laptop without needing to unzip a larger pocket and fiddle with anything else.  Speaking of quick access, there is a nice quick-access side pocket for the main camera.  I find this very useful to get quick shots of the action.

Fly the Flag

The top pocket is RFID protected making it a good place for your valuables.  It has a bifurcated setup to keep things organized.  Bonus, Peter added “fly the flag” message on the inside.  Nice little pirate hit there! I am a sucker for pirate anything.  Free Dad joke – What did the pirate say when he turned 80? “aye matey!” Ok, either that landed or it did not, regardless, kids love it LOL.

NOMATIC mckinnon camera pack
NOMATIC McKinnon camera pack

Super comfortable straps

The shoulder straps on this bag are as beefy as any straps I have seen.  That is a bold statement as we test a lot of bad-ass backpacks here! These generously cushioned straps make carrying heavy gear much easier. The padded waist belt helps distribute the load well too.  I like that it is removable and removed mine after a few days of use.  I prefer to not have hip belts unless I am being very active (like hiking and splitboarding).

NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack - Awesome Adjustable 35L Camera Backpack 4McKinnon Camera Pack 35L




NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Pack Review

If you are a photographer or content creator that carries a good amount of gear and need a way to do so in comfort, this is a good fit. You can configure the pack to your exact needs, adjust it as your kit adjusts and know that it is protected while you travel.  This pack is great for 1-2 days of travel with your gear and clothes and looks dang good doing it!

If you are looking for a great backpack that is a little smaller, yet still the same build quality and great for content creators, check out our review of the NOMATIC Backpack.


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